Tuesday 1 September 2009

Grace in small things

There has not been a grace on here for a while - it must be totally due!

1. I am feeling serene and happy at the moment
2. I got to enjoy 3 days with my hubbie and JJ at Rivercamp
3. My girlies are back home and fell asleep within 15 mins tonight! yay
4. JJ is back at school on Thursday - normality resumes...
5. I am being really controlled with my food for the last 2 days
6. I have also been really controlled with my spending (my other problem!)
7. You should have seen my girls this morning, in their shopping trolly - giving each other 'twinnie love' - kisses and cuddles. The whole aisle was ahhing!
8. The three kids having such a fab time at the park today - see above pic
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