Friday 15 May 2009

Mental Mind

I went to my meeting last night and was so clear on what I wanted to say on here - I really must try and get on here on a Thursday night when I return, because now after a good sleep and having the 2 little girls hanging around me it is a bit harder to focus on what I want to say.

Firstly I realised last night that I must again, start planning my food the night before and making sure that I stick to that plan. The logic is that I only can only eat what is on the plan and thus it takes away the constant preoccupation with food all day. It is what I did that first week when I lost 4lb and was abstinent from my trigger foods. So here I am this morning feeling pretty motivated. I prayed this morning and I must remember to keep doing so throughout today. I have my food planned and I really WANT to stick to it but it is through Gods will rather than my own as this illness is bigger than me. I wonder if that amazes anyone reading this to think that overeating is an illness?

I also checked back and I have been 16st 1lb for the last couple of weeks, so I have not put on as I thought I had yesterday - I have stayed the same. Certainly my clothes feel a bit better and my belt is a notch down. I am still regularly exercising and even on days when I feel as if I am doing pretty bad I am at least still very conscious of the fact that I am aiming to recover and that I have a long battle ahead, so my bad days at the moment pale in comparison to a few months back. My loss from my weight prior to having the girls is approximately 1.5 stone, so there is still that to celebrate. I would really love to be in the 15 stones by next weeks weigh in on Thursday, I think that would just be a boast to get away from this sticking point of 16st.
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