Friday 15 May 2009

Being a twin...

Being a twin is a fab thing!

Here are some of the reasons why being a twin must be great, as observed by me -
  1. someone to wipe your nose for you (yes they grab tissues and do each others noses)
  2. someone to kiss you or stroke you when you cry
  3. someone to always play with (or fight!)
  4. when you do not fancy sleeping, there is someone to giggle with in your bedroom
  5. a double size wardrobe - you always have something to wear!
  6. you never get lonely in the buggy
  7. everyone wants to chat to you in your buggy and tell you how cute you are, as there are two of you
  8. someone who will share their food with you
  9. if you do not fancy speaking, there is someone who will answer for you

I am sure there are many more, it is so lovely to watch them interacting and growing together. being a twin is a very special thing - I hope they will be good friends forever.

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