Sunday 24 May 2009

For Today: Anger update

I posted the other day about realising my anger and acknowledging it and asking for God to remove it. I feel things have been going fairly well and for that I am so grateful. I was reading my book this morning 'For today' and the topic was anger. Here is what it said -

'God gave me a mind and a spirit, a capacity for love and compassion. Anger destroys those gifts as surely as compulsive overeating destroyed them. Acknowledging my anger is a positive step, but do I see its source as a defect within me? Or do I blame it on something outside myself: what someone said or did, a job, a situation, the weather, anything. When I am angry I am no good to anyone, least of all myself'.

This all really struck cords with me. I was pleased to realise that I do know it is a defect within me and I am no longer prepared to blame anyone else for my problems.
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