Monday 13 September 2021

8 Considerations when Planning to Move into a New Home

Eight essential areas to think about before you move into your new home. Planning now will make a difference when you move in.
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Buying a new home is always exciting but it can be a little daunting too, as there are so many factors you need to think about and often new houses come with a to-do list as long as your arm. You probably chose your new home due to its location and/ or size but that doesn't always mean it is all ready for you to move into. 

So here are some pointers for a few areas to think through once you have secured your sale but prior to moving in -

1.  Insurance cover in place 

In England, once you have exchanged contracts the house is your responsibility to have insured, so make sure you have good building cover ready to go. You don't want anything to happen and then not to be covered, that would be the worst, incurring costs without ever having moved in. 

2.  Renovations

Does the layout of the house meet the needs of your family? Would it suit better if it had an open-plan downstairs, or do you need a small extension to convert into the granny flat? If you have the money available it may be easier to do these kinds of renovations before you move in and have all your belongings everywhere. Or maybe it would work to just move into the upstairs of your home whilst the downstairs is worked on. There are lots of possible solutions and it is definitely worth speaking to your architect or builder as they may offer solutions that have never even occurred to you. Remember they've probably seen and done it all before.  

3.  Decorating required?

What redecoration is needed and how quickly do you want to get it done? Plan out a timeline of when you'll be doing the decorating or do you want someone to come in for you? If you want someone else to do it seek quoted in good time as the best tradespeople get booked up well in advance. It might be worth leaving one of two rooms empty or with just boxes/ furniture in the middle covered with dust clothes so you can decorate before they get in the way and you don't have to be moving things unnecessarily. 

4.  Adaptations needed

Who is moving in with you? Do they come with any considerations for accessibility? For example, if you have a disabled or elderly relative moving in maybe they need adaptations like installing a stairlift or having a walk-in shower. Or if you are in the stage of life with young babies and children you will probably need to consider window and cupboard locks, plug covers and stairgates.

5.  Garden makeover

Do you have big plans for the garden, or gardens even? Maybe you want to convert the front into a car parking space, or you need some decking to go down. Again it is important to write out a timeline and to think about how those renovation plans fit in with anything else that you are planning to have done. You don't want your decorator or floor layer to traipse mud all over the house as the garden is being done at the same time.

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6.  Enough storage?

Is there enough storage in the house for your needs? Would you like to have some built-in or do you need to measure to order some more furniture for when you move it? I love to stand in a room and visualise how it could look with my furniture in it. If you have a chance try to do it when the room is empty and you can use masking tape to map out your furniture and move it around without the hassle of actually moving the heavy furniture itself. 

7.  Safety first

Of course, you want your house to look good and be practical, but actually, the first considerations should be around safety, so think about what safety features the house has. Is it a modern build and it, therefore, has a mains operated first alarm system and CO2 monitor? Or maybe you want to get an electrician in to quote for the installation of an integrated system into your home. This is one area where you can't afford to skimp. 

8.  Security

How do you feel about security systems? Would you like an alarm installed or do you think they are overkill? Maybe a doorbell camera would suit your needs as you have a lot of deliveries or maybe you actually feel that CCTV around the house is necessary. Of course, it will depend on what your neighbourhood is like, how many neighbours you have and how often they are away and what the size/ cost of your house is. There are many factors to consider. 

Loads to think through, right? But it is all for a good cause and I'm sure you'll be really happy in your new house. 

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Eight essential areas to think about before you move into your new home. Planning now will make a difference when you move in.

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