Saturday 25 November 2017

The Bettybox Monthly Subscription for Tweens/ Teens

My twin girls are now ten, ten going on 15 that is. They really do seem to be growing up very fast and earlier in the year we had the big growing up talk. Miss M has the body of a 13 or 14-year-old so it can't be long before she hits puberty and gets her periods. 

I, of course, want my girls to feel ready when their first period hits, so we've already chatted, read some literature together and they even tested out some sanitary products with water so they felt reassured by the absorbency of them. I'm sure that when the time comes they'll be able to come to me and let me know what has happened for them but I love the thought of them already having some sanitary products that they can easily reach for if they need to and it was just my husband here with them.

Those products arrived this week in the form of the Bettybox, this is a subscription box, especially packed with young ladies in mind. You can pick the delivery date that your box will arrive each month and you have the freedom to choose a box with just towels (like we received), just tampons or a mix of them both. The sanitary products that come as part of the delivery are quality brands that we know like Tampax, Lil-Lets, Bodyform and Always and you have the freedom to choose the absorbency or your products too. I love that these boxes are not one size fits all, they really are personalised to what your child needs. 

The box retails for £12.99 per month and you aren't tied into any nasty, restrictive contracts. You can cancel your monthly repeating order any time you like and there is no costs or issues with doing this. The cost of your box also includes postage and I found this BBALL17 code which gets you 20% off your first box (valid until 4th Dec 17).

What's in our Box?

As you can see the Bettybox is gorgeous and bright and looks super funky and just right for a tween/ teen who has started their periods.

In the box, we received a couple of brightly coloured dispenser boxes with pads for day and night and also a beautiful little fabric bag filled with more pads and just perfect to pop in your school bag so that no-one needs to be embarrassed when a stray towel falls out.

As well as the sanitary products there was also a little yellow box that said 'for you' and it contained all sorts of wonderful treats, My girls really were bowled over and thought the Bettyboxes were great and something they'd love to receive each month. Miss M said one of her friends gets down when she has her period so this would really cheer her up and I agree.

In the November 2017 box, we received items that I calculated to cost about £22 and of course the sanitary products too, so the £12.99 cost does seem that great value. The girls each got a pair of Bryt socks, Wipe Out super-soft cleansing cloth, a sachet of sleep tea, a chocolate brownie mug mix, 2 bandzee hair ties and a Freeman barefoot scrub.

We also received a little leaflet with information all about the goodies in this months box and there were a couple of vouchers included. We had 10% off any Magnitone product and a month free if you join up for the Bryt sock subscription service.

The kind of things I have seen in the box for other months includes make-up, brushes, lip balms, nail polish, confectionery, stylish pens, sticky notes and cute collectables.

Our Verdict
I liked the boxes enough that I've ordered another one for next month with tampons for me and I'll let the girls enjoy their pick of the goodies that come with it. I could have ordered myself a Pink Parcel which is aimed for the older woman, like me.

Both of my girls love the concept of the box and even if you don't subscribe long-term, I think one of these within the first few months of them starting their periods sends a really positive message and it helps them associate their period with something good and fun.

Disclosure: We received two Bettyboxes free of charge for the purpose of this review. I have not been instructed what to write and I remain honest.

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