Tuesday 7 November 2017

Creating an Inspiration Wall with Desenio Prints

I'd never consider myself to have a good design eye. I look at other peoples homes and blog posts about interior design and I wish that even a corner of my house could look as stylish and gorgeous as theirs do. But alas magnolia seems to be my colour and homely and lived in seems to be the main design theme of my home. 

However, Desenio have made it easy for me to create a trendy inspiration wall in my dining room with their prints. This is a room that we spend a lot of  time in as a family and I wanted really positive messages to be impacting the children and our pastoral group as we eat and enjoy spending time together. It's a functional room where we eat, the children craft and I dry the washing and do the ironing - it really is multi-purpose and as such style is not normally key in this room. But I like what I've done on one of the walls with the Desenio framed prints (above) and as Miss M said 'they make it look much more modern Mummy'.

Desenio are a fabulous Scandinavian company which established in 2010 and are now flourishing in 33 countries. I first received some prints and frames from Desenio in November 2016 so we have loads across our house and I'm pleased to say they still look as good now as they did when I unboxed them a year ago. Have a look -

I love what Desenio are about - making stylish wall art affordable for all. There really is something for everyone as they have a massive selection of posters, which are available in all sorts of sizes from 

Their website is full of design inspiration too. If you happen to be like me and appreciate beautiful art but have no idea how to put it together for a stylish look then have a peek at their Gallery Wall Inspiration and gather some ideas. I have to admit that I would never have considered in the past putting a collection of prints down low on the wall together, nor overlapping some, nor placing some on the floor, nor putting art around a corner in a room but look at the two images below and you'll see that all those things work wonderfully.  

As per last time I found the quality of the 200gsm matt prints to be excellent and the frames I received were all pristine too. The delivery was fast and efficient and the prints come rolled in a tube to keep them nice. As soon as you place them in the frame any curl from the tube disappears and there are no creases or lines on them, as you can see from the pictures above.

This time I ordered all black wood frames, these are 12mm wide and 22mm deep, the smaller ones have a stand for displaying on a cabinet or window ledge and the bigger ones have to be wall mounted or lent against a wall or such. They all have plexiglass and this comes with a protective cover on both sides that you remove at home, so this ensures they are pristine when you receive them. Prices start from £3.95 for the 5"x 7" size which is available in white, black or natural oak. Frames go right up to 28" x 39" as do the prints. 

Let's take a closer look at my new feature wall in the dining room -

Clockwise from top left - Love never fails 8 x 12 poster £5.95 & Black wood frame £8.95 // Be Still 8 x 12 poster £6.95 & Black wood frame £8.95 // Palm leaves poster 8 x 12 £5.95 & Black wood frame £8.95 // Dandelion seed poster 12 x 16 £11.95 & Black wood frame £11.95 // Inhale/ Exhale 5 x 7 print £2.95 & Black Frame £3.95 // It's not what we have 5 x 7 print £2.95 & Black wood frame £3.95 - Total cost of wall - £83.40

I think you can tell I'm a big fan of Desenio, as I just love the fact that you can change the whole look of a room quite easily by changing the prints and frames and all for a very reasonable cost. 

Visit Desenio on InstagramFacebook, and Pinterest for further style inspiration.

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