Tuesday 14 November 2017

Christmas Gift Ideas for Older Family Members

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Sometimes buying gifts for the older members of your family is a bit tricky. Often, the person you are buying for already has most of the things they want or need. Plus, they tend to have very different tastes from you or the younger generation. This can make it a bit trickier to choose something suitable.

However, there are in fact a lot of great gifts out there that are perfect for even the oldest members of your family. Here are a few of my favourites. Hopefully, they will inspire you.

Photo Related Gifts
Most people like to have photos up around the home. As a result, photo related gifts can make great presents. There are many different types available and amongst the best are canvas prints. As you can see here they are not particularly expensive and are really easy to order. You can use any image for this, so it is a very flexible present idea. It can be pictures of the family, a nice landscape or even an image that you have bought on the internet.

Photos can also be used to create other unique gifts. One of the most popular is phone cases as most people own a smart phone. To order a photo customised phone case you just need to be sure of the make and model of the phone and it is also worth checking that the person you are buying for is not planning to update their handset any time soon. 

There are lots of other customised items you can potentially order online, so this genre of presents is a good starting point if you are trying to find a gift for someone who is hard to buy for. Over the last few years my Grandparents and the children's Godparents have received photo gifts, such as mouse mats, personalised Christmas tree decorations, calendars, mugs, bags and even a cosy fleece throw and they always seem very happy with them.

Clothing Related Gifts
Everyone needs clothes, so anything clothing related usually makes a good gift. In many cases, the best approach is to buy the person something from their favourite retailer. If they really do not like it they can easily take the item back and exchange it for something more suitable. When you buy clothing always ask for a gift receipt and wrap it up with the present. The receipt does not include the price, but it does make it much easier to return an item. Including the receipt in the package is a good way to make it clear that you will not be offended if they do want to swap it for something else. This article explains the best way to ensure that the gifts you give are as easy as possible to exchange.

Another idea that can be good for some people is to give them a voucher from an online tailor. This allows them to order themselves a tailored shirt, blouse or another item of clothing. That means they can choose a style and colouring that they like and it feels like a special treat too.

Experience Related Gifts
Some people become a little isolated as they get older, so they really appreciate gifts that help them to get out and about to mix more. Tickets for events are great, especially if you buy them for other family members as well and that way the person you are buying for knows they will not have to go on their own. I often get my parents theatre tokens as they can use these along with their local theatre membership to get good value tickets.

I also love to give people restaurant vouchers, especially if they live a long way from me. It we lived closer I could take them for that meal but as distance can be an obstacle, at least this way my loved ones can enjoy an evening out on me and you can buy restaurant vouchers which can be used in multiple chains rather than just buying for one restaurant chain.

Another alternative is to buy them some sort of experience day voucher. It could be for anything they enjoy, for example, cooking classes, a trip in a hot air balloon, afternoon tea, a race track day or even something like a walking tour of a local city. There are hundreds of possibilities. You just need to pick the one that the person you are buying for is most likely to enjoy.

I hope you're feeling inspired, do leave me a comment if you have some other great ideas of a gift to buy for the older members of your family.

Thanks, Mich x

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