Wednesday 24 May 2017

UK Recipe - Fabulous Fun 2 Minute Make Kids Silly Putty/ Slime

Over the last couple of weeks I have been testing out loads of slime recipes and trying to find one that works every time with UK ingredients. I have at last been successful and here is the recipe -

Ingredients - 
  • PVA glue (clear is best but white works fine) 
  • Bicarbonate of soda
  • Food colouring (or you can use paint)
  • Contact lens solution (must have boric acid as an ingredient)
  • Optional - baby oil, to stop the slime being sticky
  • Optional - shaving foam to make fluffy slime

Method -
  1. Pour glue into a bowl, no set amount just do the amount you want to make of slime
  2. Add in a small amount of Bicarbonate of soda, I add about 1/2 tsp and mix the two
  3. Add food colour or paint and mix all together
  4. Optional - add in any glitter or fragrances that you want to personalise your slime and mix well
  5. Optional - cover the glue in shaving foam if you want the consistency to be more fluff and mix well
  6. Squirt in some contact lens solution and mix. Keep doing this bit by bit until a ball of slime comes together and leaves the sides of the bowl clean
  7. Knead by hand a little
  8. Optional - Add a small bit of baby oil if you want it to be totally not sticky and also shiny.
If you want to see how I made my slime, have a watch of my YouTube video -

We had great fun making slime and I hope you will too, Mich x

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Easy to make slime with UK ingredients, it takes just 2 minutes, is kid friendly and super fun!

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