Tuesday 23 May 2017

The Girls have gone Smiggle Mad!

If you have tween girls you must by now have heard of Smiggle. It is the Australian born stationary and gadget brand that is taking the UK by storm. It has only been in the UK since 2014 and already there are nearly 100 stores.

Go back a year ago and my girls had to wait until we went to a big town like London or Brighton to get their Smiggle fix but now even our local town, Eastbourne has one!

Smiggle isn't just aimed at girls though, it seems to be a hit with everyone. They have all sorts of colours, styles and images to suit girls and boys of all ages.

As a family we are loving Smiggle and here are 5 reasons why -

1. The styling of the products is super colourful and funky.
Just look at some of the latest products from the 'Smiggle Says' emoji range that my girls were recently sent to try out and enjoy. They seem to have received quite a blue selection and were totally thrilled with them but you can see from the picture below that there are lots of different colourways within this new range.

From top to bottom: Smiggle Says Double Hardtop Pencil Case £15.50, pack of erasers £4.50
and Scented Yay Pop-Our Pencil Case £15.50

2. They are the perfect gifts for your kids friends parties
I've always struggled to know what to buy for my girls friends when they get invited to parties. I don't want to spend loads but of course I'd like the child to enjoy the item and this is where Smiggle is perfect as everyone seems to love it. 

I nearly always hit the sale section on the Smiggle website first to see if there are some bargains to be had and there always is, items start from about £3 and there are a whole variety. It is also worth signing up for the newsletter as you'll get to hear about the special offers and when they are offering free delivery (and 20% off your next order too).

Miss E received this blended silicon roll bottle which retails at £13.50 but there is one exactly the same but in a different colourway for just £7 in the sale and I think that would make a perfect gift. It is non-spill and can be rolled up when empty and with its belt clip, it is perfect for when my girls go on camp.

3. Buying from Smiggle feels like a treat
There is no doubt that Smiggle is a premium brand. It is not cheap but I do think it presents value for money. My girls look forward to receiving some Birthday or Christmas money and having a special trip to Smiggle to choose what they want.

There are also some really good deals if you check too. I've just done some shopping myself on the website and I particularly like the 2 for £5 offer as there are actually things that exceed £5 when you buy them singularly that you can get 2 for a fiver! It can't be bad.

Scented Silicon Party Purse, £8.50 each, 4 pack of Juicy Scented Erasers, £4.50 each and 5 pack of Sundae lip Balms, £5.50 each. I bought 2 of each of the above for £15. Bargain, right?

4.  Your kids are inspired to create and learn
It's not always easy to get your child engaged with learning but Smiggle very cleverly blurs the line between education and fun, meaning that your child wants to get involved and do their homework as they have a bright and bendy pencil to do it with!

5.  Shopping at Smiggle is a hands on experience
It can be really difficult shopping with younger children as they just want to get hands-on and touch everything. I recall being exhausted when my twins were young as I was forever saying no, putting things back or even avoiding shops. None of those issues with Smiggle as they want the kids to touch, try out, smell and experience their products for themselves. The staff in-store are all really friendly and approachable too in my experience and this makes for an easy shopping trip.

So now you can see why we are Smiggle fans and I suspect this craze will last in our house for some years yet! Why don't you go and have a peek on their website and see what your child might like?

Disclosure: We received some Smiggle products free of charge for this review. I have not been instructed what to write and I remain honest.
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