Monday 27 July 2015

Dear So and So - A Relaxing Summer


Do you know what summer is for? It is for enjoying, for making the most of. For spending time with those you love, for making memories.

Let me give you a few ideas of things you can get up to whilst you are breaking the norms this summer -
  • sit on the bench outside your door on an evening and enjoy a cool glass of rose
  • wiggle your toes in the sand when you visit the beach
  • read a book in the park whilst the kids all play
  • enjoy three flavours of ice cream in one cone (that's right, push the boat out - all three together!)
  • enjoy a moonlit stroll with dh on the seafront
  • play tennis (badly) at the park with the kids
  • make some cards so you have a stock for future birthdays
  • make progress with your tapestry
  • bake with the kids
  • spend time with friends and make an effort to be sociable!
Just remember Mich. This summer is about relaxing and spending time with those you love, not about pressure or ticking off to-do lists. Blog if you feel like it or don't if you don't. There are no rules. I know you are not normally a 'go with the flow' kind of girl but believe me, it feels good sometimes. Take a break if that feels right or explore an opportunity if a great one comes along. You make the rules!

Enjoy your summer whatever you do.

From me!

Dear Readers,

You might gather from my letter above, that I might be about or I might not. I've got a few posts scheduled but everything you are reading now was written prior to the kids breaking up on 22nd July.

I intend to have a really good summer. You never know how many summers I'll be lucky enough to be off work and have loads of time to enjoy being with the kids so I want to make the most of it.

I'll see you back on schedule in September. I'll make sure there is a Dear So and So wth linky as of Tuesday 8th September.

I hope you have a ball, Mich xx
(PS - Thanks for sticking with me, you rock!)

Dear PR's.

I'm afraid I'm on holiday for August now. Of course if you have an amazing opportunity and  I do mean amazing (I'm afraid some food or a £30 voucher are not doing it for me) then send me an email and I'll happily come back to you. I'm still checking email.

Have a fabulous summer, I hope you get some down time to enjoy the weather.



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Thanks a lot, have a fantastic week, Mich x

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