Tuesday 14 July 2015

Dear So and So - Great Customer Sevice

Happy Customer Sign from Shutterstock

Dear British Rail,

I think you often get a bad press. People moaning about delays, cancelled trains, leaves on the track and I know that sometimes they are right but I've been super impressed with you just recently.

OK it didn't start so great when one of your operatives sold me the wrong ticket and it all could have ended up quite badly if your ticket inspector on the train hadn't believed me but he was great. He sold me another ticket and explained the situation patiently and he understood that I was going to complain.

So I used your on line complaint form via your web pages and within a few days you had come back to me. No questions asked, you offered an apology and you refunded me for the additional ticket I had to buy. Way to go British Rail, I was super impressed and I want everyone to know how fair you have been.

A very happy customer, Mrs Pannell


Her Majesty's Passport office,

Well you blew me away with your turnaround. I knew it was worth using the Post Office check and send service as I did this in January 2014 and my passport returned in 4 days but that was a renewal. Two of my children's passports were brand new ones and you managed to process them and send them back to me within a week, in July!

I think that is pretty phenomenal and it just shows that it is worth paying the little extra to use this service.  I hope you keep this wonderful service up and all your customers are as happy as me.

Now, we just need to sort a trip abroad.

Thanks again, Michelle Pannell

Hey Premier Inn,

Did you know I am one of your biggest fans? As a family of five it is so hard to travel about and stay over as most hotels want us to book two rooms at an extortionate cost. I can nearly always find two rooms with you for under £100 for the two and if I'm really lucky and book a good amount of time in advance, I've even done it for around £50 for the two.

Our family has now stayed in at least fifteen of your hotels across the south of England and we have always been happy and even when we weren't recently we were able to use your good nights sleep guarantee and receive a refund for the hot stuffy rooms with broken air cooling.

Thanks so much, we look forward to staying with you again soon,

The Pannell gang


Oh what a fabulous new service you have just rolled out. Do you realise that for two years I have now been living in a location where I could not get any service on my EE phone. It costs me a fortune for the privilege of having a mobile that works everywhere but home but now you have introduced the EE WiFi calling service I can do everything any other person can.

School can text me to say the school trip will return late, the delivery man can check directions to my house and my friends can get me anytime.

It is absolutely fantastic,  Thanks so much for not resting on your laurels, for thinking laterally and finding this her service that makes a real difference.

Super happy Mich, with a big smile on her face.

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