Thursday 2 April 2015

A cheerful Easter holiday #R2BC

Happy Easter friends, I hope you are all keeping well. I totally forgot that it was Thursday today and this is the first chance I've had to sit down and get an #R2BC post written, so here are the things making me cheerful right now -

1. My bloggy friend Clare and her son Little J have been to stay with us for a couple of nights. J is the same age as my girls and they have known each other a few years now so it is always good when they get together. Lots of fun was had and before they left today we had an Easter egg hunt which my kids loved.

2.  Time at the park. I love it when the weather is good enough to get out and about and especially when it is free and involves the kids using up some energy. My aim this Easter holiday is to try out loads of parks!

3.  Simple pleasures. I adore reading and especially easy to read girlie books, so when I picked this one at the library today it was great to start reading it at the park as the kids played just far enough away from me that I couldn't hear their bickering!

4.  Spring has well and truly arrived. All those wonderful colours, just bliss!

5.  The kids all received an Easter egg each from Nintendo and they were over the moon. Miss M found it awesome that the eggs had been iced and personalised just for her! Thank you Nintendo.

OK, handing over to you, what is making you really cheerful right now?

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