Monday 20 April 2015

Dear So and So - The failed runner edition

Dear Legs,

What is wrong with you? Why do you fail me? I've been trying so hard to complete the Couch to 5K program and to get into running but you just don't seem to want to allow it. Mostly it is my calves that seize up and cause me pain but when I'm really unlucky it could be my knees and ankles too.

I'm sorry I've made you carry so much weight for so many years, I'm sure this is probably the cause of you failing me but I'm really trying to lose some weight, that is what the running is about so come up and work with me on this. Pretty please?

Your aching owner

Bastard verruca,

I hate you, I just want you to go away. You are the biggest barrier to me consistently exercising, you hurt me so much when I wear trainers and put pressure on you for any length of time. I've been faithfully trying to get rid of you for about two years now and even having cryo for the last six months and still you hang on and make me hurt.

I hate the pain you give me and I hate the way I feel ashamed that I have you. I need to refocus and remember that you are a virus I caught not a something I have through any fault of my own.

Please give me a break and shrivel up with the next cryo treatment next week.

Your gratefully, Michelle

Dear local land owner,

Thank you so much that you decided to grow rape seed oil this year and give me the pleasure of seeing your yellow fields every day as I walk out of the courtyard.  I love it, that yellow lifts my spirits and makes me smile.

It was such a pleasure to spend over an hour today exploring the fields and finding new beauty spots that I have not come across before but all on my doorstep.

I'm in love with the beauty of East Sussex, Mich x

Dear Kids,

I'm afraid there are going to be some changes round here and I'm going to stop buying any snacky foods for in the house. When there is rubbish here I feel tempted and I need to break this terrible eating cycle that I've been in for years, I know you won't like it at first but believe me it will help you too and I won't stop you eating all treats, they can just be eaten when we are out and about instead of me buying a multi pack as it is cheaper as it is a false economy.

Love you all, Mummy xx

Dear Readers,

Thanks so much for reading, commenting and generally encouraging me, it is incredible to have such a supportive network. Now it is over to you, if you have a letter or a whole ton of letters that you would like to link up in a #DearSoandSo post please do and I'll come and comment and tweet out your posts.

Have a wonderful week, Mich x

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