Tuesday 31 March 2015

Dear So and So - The weekend away edition

If you've been blogging for as long as me (6-7 years in case you are wondering) you are bound to remember the Dear So and So linky that used to be run by Kat over at 3 Bedroom Bungalow. Kat hasn't been blogging for quite some time now and has kindly said she's happy for me to run Dear So and So as a linky. Predominately I'll be posting this each Tuesday for my benefit but I'll put a linky on it and if you fancy joining me I'll happily come visit and comment and share your post socially.

Dear So and So is open to interpretation but basically you write down all those letters or notes that are bubbling away in your head. Here are some links to old posts of mine which will give you an idea but like I said post about whatever you fancy and I've found in the past this format works super well for ranty type posts!

Dear Weather,

Come on!  What are you thinking? It practically Easter and ever since I've been a tiny girl the weather has been nice at Easter. We headed down the coast for three nights to enjoy time as a family and you were just miserable. The wind and rain meant we didn't even see the glorious sandy beach that was right behind the flood barrier!

Not happy! Windswept Mich

Dear Park Holidays,

I have never been to a caravan park where you can not drive close to your caravan nor where there are no paths through the park. When the weather is rainy and the grass has just been cut it means you get a caravan full of grass and when you are in one that is not even big enough to swing a cat it really is pretty darn annoying. I think we can safely say we won't be back. Yes, alright I admit we didn't pay much for this break but a good job when the toilet blocked at 6am on the first day and we had to trek the site to find a toilet to use as the main building was not open. Then as for the cold 'hot' water, the carpet full of dog hairs and dust, the missing lights and the absence of a duvet and pillows for my son we can safely say you have not impressed us.

So glad to be back home, Michelle

Hey twinnies,

I was so proud of you today when you went swimming on your own for the first time. Those swimming lessons are really paying off and I can see your perseverance and skill. Yes my heart was in my throat as I sat on the side and watched you, making sure you did not head off into the deeper end but I knew it was important to let you do this and give you some freedom to grow and develop.

Love you both so much, Mummy xx

Dear Pizza Express,

Our family have never been massive fans of yours. To be honest you were probably always our least favourite of the pizza brands and we just visited you sometimes if we had vouchers to use but with this last meal you changed all that. Your branch at Ashford designer outlet centre was exceptional, our waiter Mason and the manager were so attentive and fabulous, they really made our weekend. The food was great, the kids love that you now have chocolate brownie available on the kids menu and just everything about our two hours was great. We chatted and laughed from start to finish. Never in years have we seen such good and friendly service. It was perfect!

Yours sincerely, Happiest customer ever

Darling husband,

Sorry our break wasn't quite what we had hoped for, a 4ft bed for the two of us wasn't really adequate and the lack of heating in the caravan was a problem but I'm still glad I got you away for a couple of days, It meant you disengaged from work and took time to relax and recharge. I'm looking forward to us all spending the day together Monday, no matter what we do.

Love you babe, Mich xx

Hey Miss E,

When you told me you hate my computer as it takes up too much of my time I listened to you. There was I thinking I was careful to just do my work when you were not about but your perception is that I still spend too much time on here so I need to be even more careful.  You children are far more important to me than any time spent on this PC and I must show you that.

Thanks for being so honest with me, love you Mummy x

Dear Home,

Oh how I love you.  We are so blessed to live here and I never want to take all this for granted. To arrive home and the house is warm, our bed is comfy, there is food in the cupboards and I'm able to sit down and use the electricity and wi-fi to type this post.  Life is good.

With gratitude, Mich x

Now over to you, do you have any letters or notes that you want to share?

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