Monday 6 April 2015

Dear So and So - A Very Happy Easter Weekend

Dear Kings Church,

Thanks so much for such a powerful service on Easter morning, it was perfect to come and celebrate with you all that our Lord is risen and the drama was awesome. We are really lucky to have found a church as great as you and I'm loving how involved we are becoming with the Food Bank, my small group and dh's men's discipleship group.

I'm also so grateful to see God working with the new Move dance group. We have just given notice for the girls to finish gymnastics as it is very cost intensive and the girls were not getting what they needed from it. This feels like an answer to prayer; for them to have an active club that is also able to encourage their expressive worship.

So grateful, Mich x

Dear Miss M,

You can be such a cutie.  Most people just see the vivacious and loud young lady but they don't know your soft side.  They are not the lucky one who you grab when you are walking along and wrap your arm around nor the one that you ask to pray with at night. It is such a privilege to sit alongside you and hear your inner most thoughts as you chat to Jesus. Thank you for your trust you place in me.

Love you so much, Mummy xxx

Dear Ash family,

It is not always easy living in community but for me I am more blessed than not. The fact that I never have to cook a Sunday lunch anymore and I can just enjoy church and my family on a Sunday cannot be underestimated. I hope I never take for granted all the activities that you organise like the egg hunt, prayer days, celebration services and community time.

I feel like one of the luckiest girls alive, Mich x

Spring has sprung and that makes me feel so happy.  Thank you God for your amazing creation. The colours that come alive and make me want to smile so wide. As the kids played over the long weekend and we enjoyed the warm breeze on our skin I silently thanked you and life felt just that little bit better.

Your loving daughter, Michelle xx

Dear Premier Inn,

You are so reliable and it is fantastic. I got asked today if I'm an ambassador for you as I'm always waxing lyrical about your hotels but no I pay for every stay and there seems to be lots of them. The comfy beds, the hot shower, the brilliant breakfast with kids eat free and now free wifi too mean you are my home away from home.

Thanks, a very satisfied customer, Michelle

Oh Miss E,

I know you enjoyed it as much as I did but you falling asleep in my arms last night in our big hotel room was just perfect. You calling me your big teddy bear (sorry daddy) and me stroking your silken hair was delightful. You really do have to treasure these simple but special times.

Love you sweetheart, Mummy xxx

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Wishing you a blessed week, Mich x

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