Thursday 19 March 2015

A little sad but still grateful #R2BC

I'm not feeling very wordy today I'm afraid friends. My Dad is in hospital with a poorly heart and they are trying to find out what is wrong and get him sorted. Of course I'm praying but something like this is always hard.  I just find myself in that sad place, I suppose it is because I am a couple of hours away and all I want to do is go and see him - not long until Friday when I can.

I want to stay true to myself though and I need to remain grateful and joyous even in the difficult times. Here are a few things that are making me feel immensely thankful.

The place where I get to live, this is my drive home after taking the girls to gymnastics the other day, I love watching the sun go down.

Living in East Sussex where there is so much beauty on my doorstep. This is Herstmonceux Castle that we got to visit last weekend.

My Mum and Dad came to stay last week and whilst Dad was not great it was super to be with them. Mum and I were supposed to be having a weekend in London for Mothers Day this weekend but of course that won't happen now. We will have special time together at her house instead.

My crazy kids - 'Mum, take a picture of me in black and white'. OK babe, who am I to argue with her?

And her crazy counterpart...

And the big one who has become much more subdued in his old age! Here he is successfully managing to transport water in his hands around the labyrinth into a glass vase.

I'm linking up with my lovely chums for Reasons to be Cheerful (or #R2BC for short). Why don't you come and join us too? It is hosted over at Becky's this week, at Lakes Single Mum.

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