Wednesday 24 December 2014

Have a very Happy Christmas

Christmas Eve is almost over and the big day will arrive very soon.  The kids at last sound as if they are asleep and I pray they will stay there until at least 6.30am tomorrow morning!

Today has been fabulous, as had yesterday if I'm honest.  it really does pay to be organised and then once the kids are off you can just focus on them and the wider family.

We have a big day ahead tomorrow - friends over for pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon and maple syrup for breakfast.

Then church and present opening.

We will all head up to the main house to join 105 other friends for our spectacular Christmas lunch and that will be followed by all sorts of fun. Several rooms in the house have been set up as different enjoyment zones - we have a 20ft trampoline (indoors!), air hockey, darts, pool, a continual cinema, X box, board games and kiddies paradise.

There are of course a couple of roaring fires and I'm planning to take my book for at least a small kid free relax for an hour.  It is sure to be amazing and I pray your day will be fun filled too.

As the kids all get wrapped up in the excitement and mania of the day my husband and I will do our best to keep them grounded and ensure they remain thankful and aware of why we celebrate Christmas.  We don't just get all this fun for the sake of it!  There is a very tangible gift because of the very first Christmas all those years ago.

Jesus came to save us and I know many find that so hard to grasp but it is as real as the earth we are walking on and every day it makes a difference in my life.  I am so grateful I found God and accepted him into my life and made the choice to take up my place as one of his saved daughters. He has room for you too, no-one ever turned away and no sin too great. We have all been there, it is the choice to turn away from our sins and to change that makes the first difference.

Look how much fun we are having and it is not even Christmas day yet - To be contined.........
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