Thursday 11 December 2014

Our perfect family holiday in the sun

When Mark Warner asked me what the perfect holiday was for my family I really had to apply some thought. We are all quite different and holidays can be interesting (to say the least) as we try to find good compromises to ensure that everyone gets to do something they fancy.

First off you have my eldest son and he is all about the water. He announced to me the other day 'Mum, you know those holidays my friends go on where their parents just sit by a pool all day and the kids play in the water and I always said they were so boring? Well I think I am ready for one now'. So at the grand age of 11 years I can confirm that JJ is ready to go abroad, he wants to swim, play water volleyball, hang out with mates his own age and have a good time.

When I took him aside and showed him the Mark Warner site he said that Kidz Club (ages 10-13 years) sounded just like his kind of thing, 'It will be just like scouts Mum, we do kayaking there too!'.

So it appears Mark Warner can tick the boxes for JJ but what about Miss M? This 7 year old is my mini hurricane and whilst she loves to swim too, she is not good at doing any one activity for too long. This little lady likes adventure, variety and lots of mates to play with. Thankfully I think a Mark Warner holiday might actually be the answer to my prayers for Miss M. The kids activities are all included in the price and I'll be deemed the best Mum ever when I don't have to say no to her. She can head off to her Junior Club (6-9 years) and get involved with beach volleyball, wind sailing, rip tag or any other number of fun activities.

If we are lucky enough to be chosen to be ambassadors I sincerely can not wait to see the look on Miss M's face when she hears there is a movie every night for kids her age and she might even be able to stay up until 11pm with the older kids, this will make her year and mine too as it means I get to have a quiet glass of vino with my husband!

Miss E is my more subdued child, she loves to get outdoors as much as the next kid but she also likes to spend time one-on-one with me and I think it will be just perfect on the odd day to send the other two (eagerly) off to their clubs and to let her stay with me for our girlie time. It can be as simple as a swim together or maybe she will draw whilst I read my book but to her it will be a special day as time is definitely her love language.

I'm pretty sure Miss E will enjoy the Junior Club too when she goes with her twin but I suspect the sand based activities will be the ones that appeal to her most and if I know Miss E at all she will make herself useful and set herself up as an able assistant to the professionals running the club.

What about my husband and I? What do we want from a holiday? You might assume it would be the same sort of thing, we have been together for 20 years after all. But, you would be wrong. For me an abroad holiday is about enjoying the climate and chilling out. I love to take a suitcase full of books and find a favoured sun lounger. I can happily spend my day between the pool and the lounger, add in the odd fruity cocktail and a spa treatment and I really am in heaven. It will be just like my holidays of years gone by but even better as I also get to go and watch the kids enjoy themselves trying out new activities that would normally be beyond our means and of course we can dine every day together as a family to reconnect and share our special moments.

My husband does not like to sit still for too long, exploring is his thing and taking in the local culture and scenery. Just this week he is away and if I know him there have been a few 15 mile walks enjoying Gods great creation. He also loves cycling, so I can imagine him and JJ taking off for a good long ride and seeing where they end up and as long as it involves ice cream and being with Daddy JJ won't mind at all. I suspect if I mention to dh that he gets me to himself for a few nights a week that won't go down too badly either!

This picture was taken in the Dominican Republic in 2004, the last time dh and I had an abroad holiday together,
I think it is about time we recaptured that sun kissed youthful look again!
So there you have it, our ideal holiday for this family of five. It appears that Mark Warner can hit the spot for us and now we just hope that we can match what Mark Warner are looking for from their ambassador family, we sure did have fun joining in with their #MWactive challenge back in October 2013.

Have a fabulous weekend, Mich x
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