Friday 6 June 2014

Review of the YUU Bag (A super excited Miss E)

Last year all I heard from one of my twins was 'Mummy, I want a YUUbag, please mummy, it is really good, I can do all my drawing in the car and play games and...'.  It went on and on and on. Luckily we moved away and without seeing adverts on Nickoldeon (as we no longer have that channel) she stopped mentioning it and I completely forgot.

It was only when an email dropped into my inbox to say that YUUworld were offering their YUU bags for review and with Miss E's birthday coming up in a month I knew this would be the perfect treat for her.  I choose a bag in her favourite pink colours and the bag arrived with us quickly.  Miss E nearly collapsed with excitement when she came home from school to find the YUUbag sat in the kitchen.

The YUU bag is different to all the other rucksacks or travel bags you might have had before. It was designed by mums taking into account all the things their children had been asking for and what they felt was needed. It is ergonomically designed to ensure safe carrying for little people and no back damage.  I think that probably explains the price tag, as at £43 for one bag it is more expensive than many others. For that price you do get some accessories in the bag - a notebook, pencil case, pencils, magnetic snakes and ladders board with magnetic counters and dice and click on spiral keyring. You also receive a card with your UNNique number which gives your child access to the online YUU club where they can play games, enter competitions and win prizes.

The Yuu bag has so many different pockets and areas that it is fabulous and exciting for a little girl (and of course boys love them too, there are a whole range or designs). I thought the padded back pockets were very good for cameras, phones and other expensive electricals, it is just a shame they were not big enough for the girls 9" tablets so we put them in a side pocket instead, which given that the actual casing of the bag is thick and foamy I'm sure it would protect it fine.

The YUU bag has been designed to be fun in the car or on a plane as you can hook the straps over the seat in front and then the front completely zips down and can be used as a desk - for drawing on, playing with toys (there is a mesh bit that stops things falling off) or you can use the magnetic game board.  This is the bit Miss E is most excited about as she loves drawing and doing crafty things when we are on long journeys. When you un-Velcro the main strap inside a sort of concertina area falls forward and you could use this as a filing system which would appeal to Miss M who enjoys playing schools a lot.

Here is Miss M modelling the bag for her sister (who went a bit shy) -

In my opinion the YUU bag is a bit big for my twins. It is marketed as being for children 7 years plus.  The girls are currently 6 (7 in July, so practically there) and Miss M wears clothes for an 8 or 9 year old as she is tall and still the bag looks a bit big I feel. The strap across the front also seems to be too high, as it is right by her neck and she found that a bit uncomfortable. Yes it is perfect placing for her to blow the whistle (but frankly that is the least of my concerns!) I think the strap is necessary to ensure the backpack is placed well and helps with her back health.

In general the construction of the bag is very high quality, the straps are really thick and padded, there is an ergonomic EVA back panel, carry loop at the top and reflective strips for safety.

You can also buy the smaller YUUtuu bag and I think this might have been more size appropriate for my girls.

Conclusion -
The girls love the YUU bag and to be honest that is the main thing. They think it is stylish, they like the fact it fits lots in it and find all the many pockets really exciting. It is useful on journeys for them to be able to have fun and play and it does not feel heavy on their backs as it is a lightweight moulded foam material and so well padded. The price is higher than I would like but I believe it will last and be value for money as long as it is used over a long period of time.

Disclosure:  This is a review post, we were sent this bag for the purpose of this review. I have not been instructed what to write and I remain honest.
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