Monday 16 June 2014

How I love to see you @SightSavers #mysight

As I walk I look around and I marvel at what I see, 
to one side fields as green and gold as can be,
to the other the water glistening under the sun,
the ducks they play, it looks like such fun.

I see the flowers so bright, 
purples, pinks, reds and white,
and I appreciate the trees, every one of them unique,
changing and growing week to week.

But what if I could see no more?
How my life would change, I'd feel so poor.
How would I cope if all I could do was hear the bees,
or smell the flowers and feel the breeze?

I'd be OK of course I would,
but for sure life would not feel quite so good.
I love to be able to see,
it makes a real difference to me 
and for that I must cherish my sight.

I felt compelled to write that poem as a good blogger friend of mine Becky asked if anyone was interested in supporting the charity SightSavers. Straight away I replied yes as SightSavers is a charity I have financially supported for a number of years. A representative came to my church a few years back and I was amazed to find out that roughly 39 million people around the world are blind and amazingly 80% of that blindness is avoidable. It really does not take much to ensure that less people go blind - health professionals to undertake basic tests and then operations that can cost as little as £8-28 make a real difference. Or the answer could be as simple as someone receiving an annual dose of antibiotics that cost just 7-35p.

Yes you read that right, by someone having 35p spent on them each year they could avoid blindness. Sadly in some of the poorest countries in the world there is not a spare 35p for each person who needs it and thus it is up to us to help.  Poverty is both a cause and effect of blindness, a cycle is created that can be hard for communities to break out of, so if you’re moved to give someone their sight please visit

We all deserve to be able to see our world around us, my poem was about the beauty I find walking through the grounds of where I live but I could just have easily of written about the joy of watching my children play or seeing the ocean crashing against the rocks.

Our eye sight in valuable and peoples lives are valuable, lets do our little bit and invest in them and in case you are worried that SightSavers are one of those charities who spend loads of money on admin, they don't. Out of every £1 you donate 94.5p goes directly to help to prevent blindness, restore sight and support people who are blind and visually impaired.

Can you help?  I have and will continue to......

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