Friday 14 February 2014

Time away with your loved one

It amazes me as I get older just how quick time passes. I really have no idea how it dashes past so quickly but nowadays it seems to be gone in a flash. Back in October my husband and I went away for three nights on our own and that time was so needed. We had not been alone like that for well over a year and we vowed that we must not leave it that long again. It is so important to stay connected with your partner and to ensure you are in tune and making time for each other.

I’m really thankful to the Macdonald Frimley Hall Hotel for offering my husband and I a night away in a couple of weeks. We have decided to postpone Valentine’s Day for a week and to enjoy it when we are away together.

Listen to this – just how lucky are we?

Dh is off work so we will drive down to my lovely parents on Friday morning and then early lunchtime we will drop the kids off to them. This is a win:win situation, the grandparents and our kids get to enjoy some alone time and I suspect they will go out for food, take the dog for a long walk, play in the park, stay up late and be totally spoiled. Dh and I on the other hand will head off just about ten miles up the road to Camberley for a light lunch and maybe a cosy afternoon in the cinema and then we will head straight to the Macdonald Frimley Hall Hotel to check in. I was not sure what to expect from the hotel but I see they have a whole range of short videos that I can watch to really see what the hotel is like. I'm even more excited after viewing them.

If I wasn’t dying to use the beautiful pool and sauna, followed by an hours massage I’d be sitting in the comfortable lounge having a cream tea. I can’t wait for this bit of pampering, my last massage was August last year and it really helped to calm me and relax my tense body. My aches and pains are like those of someone 30 years older than me so I am going to enjoy this so much. I mean, just look at that pool -

After a couple of hours relaxing I’ll head back to the room for an invigorating shower and then indulge myself by getting ready without any little people shouting ‘Mum, he hit me’ or ‘Mum, can I have…..?’. It is a luxury that only busy parents can understand, being able to shower and pamper yourself alone. I can do my nails, curl my hair and take care with my make-up as I get ready for my date night with my gorgeous husband.

Come 7.30pm we will head down for our dinner and be treated to a gourmet meal in the two rosette awarded Linden restaurant. I’ve been checking out the sample menu on the website and if it is available here is my pick of what I’ll be having –

Avocado and Greenland Prawn Tian
Pressed Slow Cooked Outdoor Reared Pork Shoulder with red cabbage, green beans and apple sauce
Vanilla Creme Brulee with a Shortbread Biscuit

I think all that combined with a few glasses of rose will really ensure that we have a fab night. We can then sit in the lounge bar and chat to our hearts content as we enjoy a nightcap before retiring to our super comfy bed knowing that no child will crawl in between us that night – bliss!

After a lie-in and let’s be honest, as a parent anything after about 7am is a lie-in we can head downstairs for a well stocked continental buffet and full English breakfast and then store our luggage whilst we go and explore the local area. I think I trip over to Windsor might be in order if the weather holds out for us.

I'm on count down now, just one week until we are there.....

Disclosure: I am being offered one nights accommodation to review this hotel honestly. Once we have stayed I'll write up my review and post it here.
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