Thursday 13 February 2014

A feast of Gratitude

This week I was determined to enjoy life and to look for the good in every day. Some small things have been brightening my week -
  • Looking over at my husband in Monday prayers and him giving me a smile which made my heart flutter
  • A yummy piece of almond and cherry cake
  • A couple of rain free times when I have been able to get out for a really long walk
  • The first beautiful signs of spring here where I live

  • Being offered a night away at a beautiful hotel as a review opportunity. I can't wait for 24 hours alone time with my husband next Friday
  • The teacher calling me in to look at both Miss M and Miss E's handwriting to see the improvements in recent weeks
  • Some great views of the moon looking spooky and fab this week

  • How has your week been?  A good one I hope. I'm really looking forward to half-term next week and praying the rain will stop.

    I'm linking up with Jo over at OJo's World for Reasons to be Cheerful.Why don't you join in too?

    Have a blessed week, Mich x
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