Sunday 2 February 2014

I love you for who you are.... (MyPicture:His Words)

.....not for what you do.

Such an important message to give to our children and in fact to everyone in our lives.

Nothing should depend on what a person can do or what they can provide or how they might make us feel.

Love needs to be given without any conditions attached to it and it needs to be humble and pure.

This is the message I have heard time and time again this week. I need to show my children (and my husband) my absolute love and support for them without any strings attached.

Last Thursday morning I went to a coffee group with a group of predominantly Christian women and we were talking about blocks in our lives and achieving what we desire.  We got on to talking about the negative messages we give ourselves and the rubbish we feed in and then believe. We also talked about how key messages in our lives have sunk in, perhaps things teachers or parents said when we were young and usually our parents said them without any intention of malice but the actual message often gets lost in translation and we are left with a lasting feeling of not quite measuring up in a particular area.

This led on to myself and another lady talking about how important it is that we do not set our children up to believe that they have to achieve or do anything specific to be accepted and loved by us. They compare themselves to each other and to those at school and that makes it tough enough already. We therefore need to be careful to make sure we compliment them for who they are and the wonderful qualities that make them them.

JJ I love you because you are my first born, my longed for son, you have a fabulous sense of humour, you are a sensible young man and a joy to be around or have a conversation with.

Miss M I love you as you are feisty and full of spirit. Every day with you is an adventure and you show me the world through your eyes, you are always willing to help me and you give great cuddles.

Miss E I love you as you are kind and loving in nature, you are fiercely protective of your twin and adoring of your brother. I've never felt as loved as I do by you. I also love your tenacity, you won't give up without a fight.

Thank you my three babies for the richness you bring into my life.  Mummy xx

This post is for my Sunday series My Picture: His Words.  Each week I post a  photo I have taken and match it to some bible scripture related to where God has talked to me this week.

If you want to do the same, please do.  Leave me a link n the comments and I'll add in your URL so others can come visit you too.

Have a wonderful week ahead, may you feel close to your loved ones. Mich x

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