Monday 13 January 2014

Moving Schools Mid-Year

My kids on their first day at their new school September 2012

Moving house at any time is a bit of a military operation. Throw children into the mix and you have a recipe for a whole lot of stress and tears. There are ways to make your move go smoother such as employing people to pack and move you however, and this leaves you to the task of ensuring your family can adapt to the change. It’s hard enough moving when your kids will be able to stay at the same school, but if you are moving a little further and this isn’t an option there’s a whole new worry to contend with. This is even greater if you are moving at any time other than the summer holidays, as your kids will have to jump in to a new school and home mid year. 

Here are some ways of helping with this tricky transition -

Kids regardless of their age really appreciate good communication, and being told what is going on, especially when it directly affects them. Throughout the moving process keep them in the loop as far as they can understand, and let them get involved with looking at and choosing their own new school. The last thing you want to do is to drop them off at their new school on their first day with no knowledge of what it might be like there.

Gather information
Find out from your children’s new school what topics they are currently covering so you can do a bit of reading at home to get up to speed. Find out as much as you can too about the structure of the day, your child’s new teacher, clubs and activities and anything else you can discover that will help your child settle faster. Show them where you’re moving to online and look at the website of their new school as well as going on visits so they can feel more comfortable about the change. Speak to your child’s current teacher as well as their new one to work out what is done the same, and what will be new to them.

Moving home and to a new school doesn’t have to be scary, in fact it can be an exciting adventure if done right. Build up a new home to kids with the promise of a new bedroom and new parks to try out. Schools too are exciting, with new friends to be made (whilst reassuring them they’ll still see old friends) and a great new teacher and place to learn. Let them help you buy their new uniform so they can get used to the idea and be involved. Get new stationary as well as everything from shirts to socks to make it all feel nice and new. You can get all you need, from pens to schoolshoes for girls from George at ASDA so it doesn’t need to be another big expense when you’re moving.

Moving in the middle of the academic year is by no means ideal, but kids will adapt quickly and soon catch up to where the other children in their new school are with their learning. Soon enough it’ll be like they’ve been there the whole time and you’ll wonder why you were so worried. 

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