Friday 10 January 2014

Hive Active Heating – a great new invention

I’m in awe of the way technology is changing how we live our lives. It seems that every few months there is a new innovation that will allow us to do something quicker or better than we ever did before. Then there are a few special innovations that allow us to do things we never could before and at the same time to save money as well – perfect!

I’ve just sat and had a good read of the web for an hour or so and investigated the new Hive Active Heating product from British Gas and been really impressed. We all waste so much money through not controlling the heating on our houses correctly and in the past it has been difficult as we have basic thermometers that are often not that accurate and we are scared of coming home from work to a cold house if we turn it off. Yes they have programmes you can set, but what about when we need things different from the program?

Perhaps one of the kids has been sent home from school ill and the last thing you want is to walk into an icy house. Well no problem if you have the Hive Active Heating as from your web browser (as you leave work) or your mobile as you jump into the car to drive to the school you can turn your heating on and the house will warm in the time it takes you to do the school collection and pick-up.

Before my husband and I had children we would both work long and erratic hours and again I always begrudged heating the house when we were not in it, but it was always that dilemma of what time we might come home. Now with this simple system, I can just download the app to my apple or android product and press a button to activate not only the heating but also the hot water (as long as I have a hot water tank) to click on however long before I get home. I also say that if you are not into apps you can control it by text message too.

Of course the system works from in the house as well as when you are out. If I’m having a lazy Sunday afternoon watching a movie with the kids and then fancy a bath, there is no need for me to have to go and boost the water I can do that from my phone which is sat next to me. It really is the ultimate in easy heating and water control.

You would be forgiven for thinking this might be something just for those who have lots of money to spare but actually the Hive Active Heating system is reasonably priced. For £199 you get everything you need and a professional installation from a qualified British Gas engineer and British Gas estimate that you can start to save about £150 per year by controlling your heating efficiently.  That means the Hive starts to pay for itself in just over a year and of course it will last for quite some number of years and if you are a British Gas customer with a Homecare agreement, you’ll be pleased to hear this is covered under that.

Please don’t think you have to be a British Gas customer to benefit from this great new invention though. You can still continue your supply from wherever you are happy as this has been designed to work with your existing heating system.

I must not forget to mention what I think is one of the best features too – frost protection.  If you turn your heating off in the winter as you are going away the temperature dips below 5 degrees this will kick in and protect your pipes, maintaining a temperature of 7 degrees, there really is nothing worse than coming home in freezing winter weather to burst pipes and water damage.
There is so much to this system that I’d recommend you take a look for yourself, check out this 2 minute video and learn about the items mentions above as well as the scheduling function and ability to monitor your home.

If you feel you would like to invest in the Hive Active Home system you can purchase it directly from the website and British Gas will email you within three days to arrange the installation. I think it looks like a great product and if I still owned my own home I would definitely talk to the husband about installing it, it is clear to see why it won Best Home Gadget of the year in the Stuff Gadget Awards 2012.

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