Monday 20 January 2014

In & out of Clarks in 10 minutes with school shoes!

Saturday morning is a time I like to linger in bed if I'm honest.  Often hubby is at work and the kids come and see me for cuddles and then they head off downstairs for a bagel, juice and a healthy (or should that be unhealthy?) dose of kiddie TV.  It is my indulgence for the week, every other day I get up early but Saturdays I like to read a book until at least 10am.

I was therefore dismayed to find we had an appointment at the local Clarks store (I say local but actually it is about 30 minutes as I live in the middle of nowhere nowadays) for JJ to have a fitting for new school shoes at 10.15am. When he came home Friday with a worn through sole I knew there was no getting out of it and we would definitely need to go but a quick call to the Clarks store and they were super happy to delay the appointment by an hour, in fact they were happy to schedule it for whatever time suited me, first win.

After an eventful time getting three kids out the house on a cold Saturday morning when all they wanted to do was 'have a chill day Mum' proved eventful but we got to Clarks about 11.25am and I thought to myself let's see how they deal with lateness?  Not even a raised eyebrow is how, they greeted me and told me the next available fitter will be with me (yes we jumped the number queue) as soon as possible, win number two.

Courtney greeted us within a few minutes and apologised that she needed to put some shoes away and then she would be with us. As soon as she was we had her full attention and she got JJ on the automatic measuring machine and explained to me he was getting near the next shoe size, so we should try both sizes and go by the fit.

JJ showed her the shoes he wanted and explained he did not like laces, Courtney coaxed him to choose a back up pair in case they did not have his preferred ones in the right size.  He would not even entertain the idea when I suggested the same but he listened to Courtney. She reappeared really quickly with three boxes, JJ's preferred ones, some very similar and also a pair of trainers in case we need those too. Of course I'm not silly I realise she is probably targeted on sales but the way she did it made her seem helpful rather than anything else.

She fitted JJ's shoes, getting on the floor and doing all the checks I have come to expect of Clarks, he went for a walk round the shop and come back and announced they were the ones. We paid £45.00 for his Surrey air boys school shoes and they are exactly the same shoes he has had for the last 3 pairs - he is a creature of habit! Shoes chosen and third win for Clarks.

Whilst JJ was being fitted the girls were happy to see what new styles they have for girls and they enjoyed looking at the sale, there is a lot available at the moment.

I was amazed that by making an appointment we could walk into a popular Clarks store on a busy Saturday and be fitted and have bought shoes all within 10 minutes. This made the kids super happy and we went off for fish and chips together to celebrate!

Disclosure: We were sent a £40 voucher to put towards our shoes in return for an honest review of the shoes and service we received. I have not been instructed what to write and I remain honest.
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