Thursday 16 January 2014

Grace in small things - simple fun, teaching & writing

Happy Thursday.  I hope you are well and having a blessed week. I'm feeling good and as such it is my duty to be thankful and to give the glory to our heavenly Father.

I have seen Him work in so many ways in this past week and here are some of the things that have made my heart sing -

  1. A day working with the reception team here (I volunteer, yes working without being paid, that novel isn't it?? lol) and learning new skills and making new friends
  2. Having a couple of meals cooked for me and being able to enjoy delicious food without all the hard graft
  3. I led a couple of short training sessions with the young volunteers yesterday and boy did I love it. Being back in my 'trainer' shoes and being able to impact and effect people was a delight
  4. Being offered a fabulous opportunity to visit a Tearfund project in the UK and write about it
  5. Going for lunch with a couple of new friends, enjoying time to chat and eat as I get to know them better
  6. Helping to lead the group of young people at Church last Sunday. They were so open and engaging it was a delight
  7. Laying on the bed and blowing raspberries on Miss E as she squealed with delight
  8. That my shopping can be delivered to my door and that allows me to get involved with voluntary work and not have to worry about it
  9. Working with a group of inspiring Christian women to envisage a new web resource for Christian women....  watch this space
  10. Our house being nit free at last... the buggers have gone!
I'm linking this post up with Becky over a Lakes Single Mum she is the January host of Reasons to be Cheerful (#R2BC) my old linky which I have now passed along for it to work its magic on some new people.

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