Thursday 14 November 2013

The Lamb always wins

Hello, if you have stopped by to find Reasons to be Cheerful then you need to head over to Lakes Single Mum as Becky is hosting for the rest of November. I'm having a bit of a time out and sorting my own head out. I am of course still completely grateful! Have a blessed week, Mich x

I'm joining in again this week with Vic for her #Prose4T linky and also Faithful Friday. I gather that the more I write the better it will become. It is an overtly faith based piece of writing this week but I don't think it should offend anyone. Here goes -

As I walk, I see the evidence, your hands creeping in and trying to choke the lifeblood out. You won't win you know? You do surely realise that. The Lamb always wins, He might get wounded or tire for a time as your efforts are so vast and so, so tiring but He will always conquer. It is a simple fact - the Lamb always win.

As I walk, I feel the need to speak out loud. To proclaim this land for the Lord, it is too special here for it to be lost. This is scared ground and it must be preserved. I see the ivy strangling the trees and the disease trying to take the life from them too but I also see the fight of the forest, the good growth comes and pushes away the old. The storm takes branches from those diseased trees and chops off the bad, leaving only room for the good to grow again.

As I walk, I know that you are trying to attack us here but I don't fear you. There is no need, the Lord is here, His spirit is with us and we welcome Him and rejoice in His presence. Where He is strong, you are weak. You are nothing. You have no power and I say it again the Lamb will win!

Be gone Satan, you have no right to here, for this is scared ground.

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Faithful Friday
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