Saturday 9 November 2013

Feminism - Women for Women #blogfest

I'm writing this today as a woman with a first degree, a masters degree too and a number of professional qualifications. I've earned lots of money in my professional life and now I stay home. I look after my children, I enjoy time with my husband, I volunteer, I blog and I love it.

Do you know what that is called?


Free choice. I'm allowed to do what suits me.

I was so frigging mad at the woman on stage today at #Blogfest (I cant even be arsed to grace her with a link) who told us that she had to return to Uni after having her baby or she would never be a good mother.

What a load of bollocks. How absolutely demeaning. OK that worked for her and it was her choice. That is OK, we can all make our own choices and I'm fine with that (well unless you are beating your kids or such).

Mums without any formal education can be brilliant parents and they can be not-so-great ones too. That's how it goes in life.

Great mothers teach their children good morals, strong values, to be kind, to be inquisitive and entrepreneurial and not to judge. Important lessons and ones that need to be taken on board by the women on stage today.

I have no idea where Mumsnet were going with the session 'can you be a mummy blogger & a feminist'?. The answer is obvious, of course you can.

I'm a mum, I'm a blogger, I make a difference, I influence people and today I learned I'm a feminist - who knew it?

Being a feminist for me is being a woman for other women, I expect equal opportunity and respect for all.

Simple really!

What's your take? Are you a feminist and a mum who happens to blog?

I'm linking this post up with Mumsnet as my entry to the Mark Warner holiday competition. They have asked for us to share one tip about having a successful family holiday.  Mine is to change your expectations - holiday's with children are wonderful when you realise that they will be different to those holidays of old. Plan your days around the needs of your children - meal and nap times and you can still have a whole ton of fun in between, especially as they get older.

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