Monday 4 November 2013

Record breaking party popping!

Last week, in half term all the family headed up to London to join Guinness World Records at their office for their #GWRdayout for bloggers. We have been to a couple of events before with them and had a great time and thus the kids were very excited.

JJ has attempted some world records before and sadly not managed to achieve one yet but he did get very close with balancing the most hats on his head last June. I feel really confident that within the next couple of years he will have one of the coveted Guinness World Records certificate and be a verified record holder. For now he is making do with a face paint tattoo.

There were three records that we could attempt last week and JJ took on them all. The most sticky notes on your body in 30 seconds, the most lemons caught whilst wearing a blindfold and the most party poppers popped in 30 seconds. You can see he had good fun -

...and here is dh attempting to catch the lemons blindfolded whilst JJ throws them to him -

For Miss E she was not so much interested in attempting the records as she was looking after the animals in the petting zoo. We were lucky to be able to meet lots of cute (and not so cute!) creatures because Guinness World Records have a free to download ebook called Awesome animals.

Miss M, I rarely saw during the day as she made herself very comfortable in the Guinness World Records office and befriended a few of the staff, specifically Marco Frigatti and his dog Nero. With a broken arm the records were beyond her, which was a shame as she wanted to get involved but she tells me she still had an amazing day.

In the true spirit of it, I also tried out the record attempts and I can honestly say I have not laughed so much in ages as my husband chucked lemons at me whilst I was blindfolded. We managed to catch 2 of them, which was not so bad! I seriously attempted the sticky notes and party poppers task. The record for the sticky notes is 32 on yourself in 30 seconds and I managed 26, dh got 27, so respectable efforts but the party poppers was where I excelled. The record is 36 popped in 30 seconds and I did 33 on my first effort but sadly only 28 on my properly adjudicated attempt. If only I had time to practise more, I know I could beat that one! lol

We had a great day out with Guinness World Records and I want to say a big thanks from our family. The kids are loving their 2014 books and I'll get a review up in a week or so when we have had a chance to really devour them.

These are the kind of great days you want to remember forever, so I'm linking up for the first time with Jaime at Olivers Madhouse

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