Saturday 18 May 2013

Should I be concerned for the future?

I hate the thought of labeling one of my children as naughty or challenging but the truth is that one of them is just so much more spirited than the other two. I have to say I like feisty and I always prayed prior to having my children that I would not get boring and submissive children.  Of course now I'm regretting that, as an obedient child would be much easier, not half as much fun but definitely easier.

Don't get me wrong we are now past the stage where every day is an issue, in fact we can go weeks without her getting in trouble but she does just look for the ways to be minxy! Touching the things she should not touch, going against what you say, telling fibs, making up stories and dreaming of being so much older than she is. When will I let her have high heels, when can she get the bus into town with her friends? Have I mentioned she is not yet 6 years old.

If God was not on my side, I'd seriousness be worrying for the future. Take today for example - in the car on the way to pick Daddy up from the station she asked me what it means to be grounded. We talked about it and I ended by saying 'but you hopefully won't get grounded, as your behaviour will be good'. 'Oh OK Mummy' she says 'but I can't wait to be old enough for detention. Do you know what detention is Mummy?' 'Yes babe I know about detention you don't want that though, it is just for kids who are naughty at school'. 'No Mum, it is really fun, me and my friends are going to all go together and we can whisper and stuff'.

Oh dear, where do you go from that?

Phasing out the American pre-teen TV series I think!

Oh how I love this little madam, just look at her. My precious poppet.

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