Saturday 25 May 2013

Review: Harumika Style Studio

My little girls were introduced to the Harumika range of styling dolls a couple of months ago and they really do love them. I have to be honest and say they are not the cheapest of toys but they do provide hours of entertainment and will last a very long time. The sets are recommended for age 6 upwards but my girls at 5 are really capable of using them and I can imagine the play sets still coming out when they are 8 or 9, or perhaps even more. Miss M is very into fashion and seems to have a great eye for pairing up outfits and colours so I'm quite happy to let to play with something that helps to develop this creativity and style.

My girls were sent the Harumika Style studio from HobbyCraft to try out and review, this retails for £29.99 and I can honestly say that I would have bought this for my girls birthday in July if they were not sent it. The girls have a wide range of kids crafts and this adds nicely to their stash!

Take a look at what you get for your money -

1 large sturdy plastic carry case that will display 3 mannequins/ doll forms
9 pieces of different fabric (assorted sizes/ shapes)
2 belts
1 plastic tool to help you wrap the body forms

One of the things I really like about Harumika is that you do not have to buy their own pieces, you can use any fabric or ribbon you fancy and make tons of different creations and use your imagination. The carry case on this set is excellent, it is very sturdy and has a strong clasp that keeps the box shut and then you can display the mannequins and see them through the plastic cover.

The mannequins/ body form dolls are so easy to use as they have a slot in the back with a silicon piece which allows you to push the fabric in and it grips it but you can pull it out easily and the silicon keeps it shape. We have had one set for about 3 months now and it has been used tons of times and it still looks perfect, as new. See how easy it is -

The girls tell me this is a great toy and they give it 10/10. I honestly can't think of any down points for it either!

Disclosure: We were sent this set for the purpose of this review.  I have not been instructed what to write and I remain honest.
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