Wednesday 15 May 2013

Review: Micro Scooter Speed V2

JJ was beyond himself with excitement a few weeks back when he received a new scooter from the premier scooter brand - Micro Scooters.  Last summer his sisters received the Maxi Micro scooters and he has been nicking them since and bugging me for a new one.  Then when his own scooter was stolen recently Micro Scooters came to the rescue and made my little boy very happy.

JJ is now the proud owner for the Micro Scooters Silver Speed V2 scooter, as seen below.

From the very first day it arrived, he unpacked it himself and set it up (which took no time at all once we knew what we were up to - see my short video at the bottom of this post) and headed out the front to have a scoot round the block.

I'll tell you what JJ likes about this scooter -
  • It has a big footplate and this is important to a 9 year old with size 6.5 feet!
  • The handles are really comfy to hold onto for long periods
  • The footplate can spin 360 degrees
  • It is a really smooth ride (it has a built in shock absorber system - clever, hey?)
  • It goes super fast but not too fast that he feels out of control
  • The break is very good and stops him even when going fast
  • It looks really smart and all his friends want one too!
  • It has a small stand, so it can remain upright rater than being slung on the floor and getting all scratched

In addition to the above I like -
  • It folds down nice and small for transporting in the back of the car when we have a ton of luggage
  • It is a really sturdy scooter which means I don't feel worried that my clumsy boy will break it!
  • It even takes my weight (just look at the picture of Nanny riding it below)
  • The handle goes nice and high so this scooter will last JJ a long time
  • The delivery from Micro Scooters was out of this world. I was emailed and advised it had been shipped and then advised when it would be delivered and I literally got given a 1 hour time slot, it made life so easy.

Any considerations?
  • We did find the scooter hard to open at first but once I knew how it is super easy, check out the video below. I think the instructions need to be improved.
  • It is quite a heavy scooter, which I see as a plus but if you were carrying for long periods then a strap would probably be necessary.
  • It's not the cheapest scooter on the market at £99.95 but it is built to last and having been the owner of mini micros for about 4 years I know they last well and I was able to give them to a friend who needed a couple of scooters.
The Silver Speed V2 retails for £99.95 and it is advertised as being suitable for 7 - 12 year olds.

JJ and I are really happy to recommend this scooter, it gets a 10/10 from us

Disclosure:  We received this scooter free of charge for the purposes of this review. I have not been instructed what to write and I remain honest. 

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