Friday 11 November 2011

My Blogging Charter Meme

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So after a week or so of numerous posts about PR relationships, bloggers being blaggers and the so-called cliques of the parent blogging world I've had enough of all that and to put it to bed I have written myself a charter for blogging.  Written in jest but actually the sentiments are true but no before you worry, I am not taking myself too seriously! So here we go....

I Michelle, Mummy from the Heart... promise to -
  1. Believe in myself and stand by anything I write.
  2. Be honest and open in all that I publish.  My integrity is important to me and I won't be compromising it for anyone or any brand.
  3. Post what I like, when I like even if you, yes YOU find it boring and irrelevant. Don't read it, there is a choice you know.
  4. Appreciate my readers by responding to comments and trying not to publish too much drivel. I'll also try to stop by your blog and comment too.
  5. Never publish anything that is just done to pinpoint or humiliate another blogger/ person.
  6. Ensure that my ratio of reviews or sponsored content never exceeds 1 sponsored post to 3 personal ones.
  7. Support others bloggers, especially new ones.  Not making any harsh judgements about them or why they blog.
  8. Respond if you tweet me.  I'll talk to anyone, I may not have anything interesting to say but I'll happily chat away to you if I am on twitter.
  9. Keep hosting Reasons to be Cheerful to do my bit for spreading gratitude around the UK parenting blogsphere.
and lastly and probably most importantly -

   10.   Ensure that I am taking adequate time away from the laptop and the world of blogging
           and social media to ensure that I remember who my kids and husband are, what fun is
           and how to laugh.  Life is all about laughing you know.  It is good for the soul and even
           good for the skin!

So tell me, if this was your charter, what else would you add to it?  Have I missed any obvious ones?

Also, I have decided to make this a meme and to ask other bloggers to join in and to declare their charter.  It can be anything - funny, feisty, fictional, fantasy or fact!  Just go for it...

Time to tag 5 bloggers -

Jane at Northern Mum, as you know hers will make you chuckle
Mummy at The Boy and Me as I tagged her once before and she blew me out!! Debt owed
Emma at Mummy, Mummy, Mum as she is such a thoroughly nice blogger
Helen at Actually Mummy as she is a fab new blogger, doing really well to establish herself
Rachel at MidLife Single Mum as I just love her and think she should be in the UK not Israel! Most inconvenient!

So grab the badge, write your charter and pass it on to 5 (or 50 if you feel that way inclined) other bloggers and lets remind the blogsphere that we blog for us and we answer only to ourselves!!

Blogging Charter Meme at Mummy from the Heart
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