Monday 3 October 2011

Notes from the Heart... The #Mumentum Edition


Do you have to be so honest with me? What is a little lie between friends. I was dong so well when I lost 10lb in one week, how have I managed to put 5lb of that back on. What? It was the cakes and sweets that I have started to eat again. OK point taken, you could be right. I need to cut those out this week.

Cheers from the one who has been found out.

Dear Camera Makers,

Have any of you ever considered making a camera which can knock a couple of stone off a person when it takes a photo?  What about an adjustable gage so you can say how much weight to knock off the person when the photo is taken.

I have looked at the photos from the MADS last Friday and whilst I felt I looked good (yes fat, but good) when I looked in the mirror, I see the photos and they tell me another story.

Posing with Ruth, Geek Mummy and Nickie, Typecast

Hey Slimavite,

Where are my shakes?  I am really looking forward to starting my diet with you and getting going but I need the shakes here to be able to do that.

With anticipation, Mich x

Dear Self,

Are you really looking forward to starting your diet again?  Come on be honest.  If you can not be honest with yourself then we do not have a lot of hope.

Remember it will be hard work and at times it may be boring but it will be so worth it if you can just apply yourself and keep with it, look how stunning Lou looked when you saw her Friday, use that as your motivation to know Slimavite works.

From straight talking Mich

Dear Bed,

Thank you so much for being cosy, I really love you and at the moment you are doing a great job of enticing me in at a decent time.  This is making a difference and I feel refreshed.  Long may this last.

From sleepy head

Dear addict,

I hate you, go away!  I will conquer you.  One day soon I will no longer find it hard to resist all the things that I know are bad for me.  I will feel able to deal with what life throws at me without turning to you to comfort me and stifle my emotions, pushing away any bad feelings that I have.  I intend to grow stronger and to handle my life without you......  Be Gone!

From the one who will conquer

You get the picture?  I am not on form at the moment.  I had every intention to be good again today and had my slimfast for breakfast and then by 10am I was starving and the time of the month hit me yet again and that was it, I gave in.  I did not even really try to resist if I am honest.  Tomorrow I must remember to get up and pray and ask for help, for I can not do this alone.

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