Sunday 16 October 2011

Listography: Top 5 Keyword Searches on my Blog


I love listography, I think it is fab and I often read but for some reason I just rarely get to join in but then thinking about it I rarely join in any linky nowadays except my own. Then when I saw the topic of this weeks I knew I had to join in and have a good read of some others.  For a while I have been pondering a post about key word searches as so many strange things seem to show up and you just wonder how people arrive at your blog with something so random!

So without further ado, I'll cut to the chase and share -

1. Peppa Pig World - I suppose to be expected, I gave away tickets for Peppa Pig World and it was very popular, every day I get a ton of hits on the blog for my reviews of Peppa Pig World.  Ohh I love a lucrative review.

2.  Sex Mummy - Just what I have always wanted, to be searched for with this term. It links to this post where JJ, the 6 year old discuses sex with me.  I bet they are sorely disappointed.

3. Belly Blowing - OK, don't even ask.  I just have no idea at all!  Suppose I should google it myself and see what it links to.

4. Ready to pop twin belly - I love this one, it makes me smile each time I see it.  Go on and have a look here and see the hugest belly!

5.  Anorexic 10 year old - and if the one above makes me smile, this one makes me want to cry.  I have a friend with a now 11 year old anorexic daughter and I get so many hits for my posts on childhood eating disorders.

One of the funnier hits I have had from search engines was on the keywords '18 YO naughty school girl' - who me?? never.  I am sure I have never *cough* posted about that.

It still makes me laugh that a guy found my blog back in December 2010 searching for yummy mummies and even when he found it was something completely different he still stuck around and commented on my parenting skills!

....and that's me.  I'll look forward to reading yours.

Ohh and over on my other blog I reviewed some samples of the Cindy Crawford Meaningful Beauty skin care range, how I now wish that I had put it on this blog.  That one post receives about 50 search engine landings every single day.  Even now, 8 months after it was posted. Amazing huh?
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