Wednesday 19 October 2011

Parents Evening: Pleased As Punch!

So today was parents evening at the kids school and for once dh and I got to go together and without any children.  What a difference it makes to be able to listen to the teachers without any small children or babies distracting one or the other of us.

I think the title gives the gist of this post away. We had a great evening, especially with the feedback we received about JJ.  I am so super proud of my little man that I wanted to shout it from the roof tops and falling that I had to do what I do best, tell you all.  But do not for a moment think that this post is a big boast about how smart my kids are, this is a post from a Mummy who has been so worried about one of her children and how they fit in at school and in the wider world that when I hear something as positive as tonight I just want to yelp with delight!

This time last year JJ was starting in year 2 and he found the transition from year 1 to 2 incredibly hard.  Poor Mr W who used to get told by JJ 'But that's not how Mrs C used to do it, she did it the proper way' etc.  JJ not meaning to be rude or out of line was just in his mind helping the new teacher Mr W to understand the 'way things are done round here'.

I know I have told you before that JJ is undergoing numerous meetings and tests as he is assessed for a communication disorder assessment (Aspergers or such).  These first started in about November 2010 so we have been in the system a while now being passed from place to place but as time passes and JJ just seems to grow into his own skin and mature I feel sure that really there is little to fear. The child that believed the world just revolved around him has learnt he is a part of a much bigger picture and that he has to let other kids get involved too.

Since this term started I have wanted to approach his teachers (he has 2 job share teachers) to see how he was doing but I have held myself back, knowing that if there was an issue they would call me in. From this time last year catching up with his teacher most days to see how his behaviour had been and how much he had called out and 'talked out of turn' to this year being told they can see how hard he is trying and what a pleasure he is to have in the class, so helpful and with a massive thirst for knowledge.  Whilst it is wonderful to hear he is above average for Maths, Science, comprehension and gifted in ICT the best present I received today was to hear a completely and utterly positive and glowing report about my little man and his developing social skills and comprehension of the subtleties and unspoken rules of life.

So JJ, one day you may read this and you will know that Mummy thinks you are amazing, overcoming the obstacles that you have found in life. Thank you so much for being open to all the new things you need to try out and learn to help with your co-ordination and mobility issues.

As for my two little princesses, the reports were exactly as dh and I said they would be before we went:

Miss M - Confident, assertive, bossy, thirst for knowledge, good understanding of the world around her, good with her numbers, sounds and sound blending for words, in a hurry, not good at applying herself to just one task, in other peoples business and lots of fun.

Miss E - Shy at times, slower to learn but far more thorough, happy to apply herself diligently to one task at a time, good with art and abstract tasks, makes friends easily, fits in with people, can become embarrassed and then silly when corrected and generally a good all-rounder.

It is that time of the year, have you had your parent:teacher consultations yet?
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