Monday 5 September 2011

Monday #Mumentum - So how much have I lost?

Week one of my new diet is practically over and it has been a good week, you always expect a decent loss in the first week but the 10lb I have lost is beyond my wildest dreams.  Now before anyone starts to get worried that I have starved myself let me share with you an average days food.

8am Breakfast - Glass of water and Slimfast shake
Cup of tea
About 11am - 2 Ryvita with clover and ham, water
About 1.30pm - Glass of water and Slimfast shake
3.45pm - Cup of tea and some strawberries
6pm dinner - Baked salmon in a herb and lemon butter sauce and a huge mountain of vegetables, more water
More water
9pm - Cup of tea and chocolate penguin biscuit

That is hardly starving myself is it?  Can you imagine what I must have been eating before for that to result in a good loss. I think the really big differences are cutting out bread, limiting most carbohydrates and chocolate and allowing myself a 100 calorie (ish) treat in the evening.  When I worked it out I am having about 1500 calories a day, so I would expect that may be a drop of about half my daily calories from before.

Shall I share with you what I think the key to my success is this time around?

I believe I can do it, I truly and utterly feel positive that the time is right. That it is God's will for me to lose weight and be fit for the purpose he has for me. Can I just say that all the time you believe you cannot do it then you won’t.  You will always stifle your effort, that is what I have done for years.  This time I believe I can do it, I am worth doing it.  This is why I will succeed.  My fear of being slim has left me and I pray that is a permanent change. I really do feel I have my Thinking Slimmer slimpod to thank for this thinking change (along with God of course).

Along with self-belief here are my other top dieting tips
  • Drink lots of water.  I always say the more you drink, the more you shrink! This will not bloat you as many think, your body needs a certain amount of water and if you drink too little it retains it, whereas if you drink lots like me it flushes the system.
  • Make sure you know why you are losing weight. What is the reason?  Who are you doing it for? anyone but yourself and you risk it all going very wrong.
  • Visualise your goals, make sure you break them down into small manageable chunks, my first goal is one stone by 30th September when I will attend the MAD Blog Awards and wear my gorgeous new outfit as provided by Marks and Spencer
  • Take things one day at a time, one minute at a time if you need to. Think positive and know you can get through that next minute.  If you feel as if your willpower has left you then find something else to take strength in, for me it is God and I pray when I have a weak moment, for others you could talk to a friend, read some positive literature or write your feelings down to get rid of them.
  • Live with your hunger for a short while, it won't kill you.  Each time you get past a bout of hunger it will be so much easier next time.
  • Remember it is YOUR diet, people keep asking me if I can have that, or go there and I remind them I can do what I fancy.  I am a grown up, if I wish to flex my diet and have a meal for lunch and a shake for dinner I can do that and I know I can stay on track as I am focused and motivated.
So over and out, next week I'll get the tape measure out and see how I have done since starting.  Why don't you pop over and visit Liska at New Mum Online, she is our #Mumentum host and is starting her diet today.  Good luck Lisa, I believe in you. x

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