Tuesday 13 September 2011

Simply Happy #TheGallery

This weeks Tara's prompt of a happy memory has stolen one whole night of my life.  I sat down earlier, grabbed my external drive and shifted through more than 7000 images taken in the last few years. What a brilliant night I have had.  Rubbish on the TV, no matter, I was walking down memory lane. Early night, ohh did I say that?  Whoops, it is now practically midnight!

I looked though all the classics - our wedding snaps, the kids being born, Christenings, holidays, family partys, weddings we have been guests at etc etc but the pictures that really spoke to me were those when JJ was just a little chap.  I look back at those pictures and dh and I look so young and happy.  I remember how we loved being just the three of us, we did that new parent thing of checking with each other if the babe should have a feed, or should we wean yet, do we check he is sleeping?  All those things you worry about when your babe is so new and so loved.

So here is a little trip down memory lane -

JJ is about 6 weeks old in this photo and I look so young, carefree and content.  I recall how chuffed I was to have him and how natural it felt to breastfeed him and love him. No make up, just big smiles.

Cheeky or what? I adored going upstairs and being greeted with that cheeky teething, rosey cheeked face!

Look at 9 month old JJ's face in the glass as Daddy shares his love of animals with him.

A truly happy baby. JJ was a dream and still remains the same now. Here we were away on holiday in a  caravan, loving it!

I love you my big boy - 8 in just a couple of weeks.  How time flies!
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