Monday 6 June 2011

More on Monday! Half Term was...

...a great week and the sun shone, yay!

I had so much trouble choosing a photo for silent sunday yesterday as it had been half terms and we had loads of fun.  So here are the other contenders that did not make it -

JJ on the zip wire!

My two handsome boys, see the similarities?  We took a fabulous trip on the London Eye, if you want to read all about it or see more pics then take a look on my other blog.

Trying my hand at an iconic shot, Red bus in front of Big Ben!

Stealing Daddy's milkshake.  Miss E how cheeky is that face?  

Not enough beds?  No problem, the girls will top and tail at Nanny's house!

How did Miss M get so brave?  She is 3 for goodness sake!

Look at my bargain shoes!  £9, you can't beat an M&S sale.  Mummy had a party night out on Saturday and on this occasion style definitely came before comfort!

All in all, even though I had to work, go to the emergency dentist and our front door broke we had a ball and I am feeling thankful!

So how was your half term?  Did you get some nice sunshine where you were?

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