Thursday 2 June 2011

Cheerful about all things blogging! #R2BC - Wk 22

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

Evening all, don't the weeks go so fast?  Here we are Thursday night and time to be grateful again....  but hold on, there has been an extra dose of gratitude this week for Tara dedicated her Gallery linky to Christine of Thinly Spread.  You will have read on here that Chris is off in Mozambique this week with Save the Children. In case you have been away from the blogging scene and missed it, I'll just reiterate that there is a very important petition that needs your signature.  You think it is fair for all kids worldwide to get vaccinated don't you?

Thanks for signing up and now onto my own reasons for being so cheery this week!   I am dedicating this weeks #R2BC to all things blogging. So many people have no idea what blogging is and boy are they missing out.  Blogging comes with a whole load of benefits -

1. A massive support network to help you through the tough times.  When I suffered a miscarriage, who was there? When I am struggling with my food addiction, who is there?  Why, it is all of you wonderful readers.  God bless you.

2. Making some great new friends, ones you have never met but you can have a real laugh with.  Take yesterday I posted and slated @Nickie72 of Typecast fame and luckily she completely knew I was having a laugh and it really did cheer my dreary day at work!

3.  The added bonuses that come from writing a well read blog. Monday we had a review trip to the London eye, which the kids loved, Tuesday we had a review trip to Ask (Italian restaurant) and Wednesday a gorgeous Morphy Richards kettle and toaster arrived at my door.  How can you knock that?

4. How can I not mention as well that I have been shortlisted as a finalist in the MAD blog awards for the Best blog for Family Life. Click the link and vote for me if you feel compelled....

You know the routine by now, link your happy/ gratitude post up and go and visit others. If you are new to #R2BC then welcome, check this page out and see how it all happens.

Oh and I realised that I have not been linking over to Maxabella's just recently, so I am putting that right again today.  Over in Oz there is a very similar (but longer running, more slick...  you get the picture) linky, so join up there too and make some new friends across the other side of the world!

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