Thursday 10 February 2011

Bloggy Reasons to be Cheerful 1,2,3 - Week 6!

I found it pretty hard to sit down and write this today, even though I had planned in my mind what I would write yesterday morning.  Rather than wallowing in the gloom that I feel at this moment I'll just write what I had planned -

  1. I have moved up in the Tots100 chart, not just a small move, I am listed at number 20.  How amazing is that?  Last year from about Sept - Dec I sat at about 117 and then bombed in Jan for some reason and now I am at number 20.  I don't really expect it to go on forever but it is nice for now...
  2. There has been a ton of support for new bloggers fortnight. Some super fabulous people are guest posting (you know who you are ladies) and there has been some great feedback on twitter and BMB. Also ladies just to let you know, your page views have been really good - so people are reading....
  3. I have received some lovely emails in the last week or so from companies looking to work with MFTH...  Watch this space for some wonderful giveaways.
  4. All my wonderful readers and friends I have made through blogging make me so grateful.  I can not wait to meet loads of you at Cybermummy.
  5. I m so pleased to have this avenue to let all my feelings out, no need to ever bottle it up again - blog it instead!
So there we go,  a happy week for my blog.  I just wish that some bloggers could be happy for those who start to feel anywhere near successful. Posts that damn mums who blog that enjoy building relationships and perhaps working with brands are just not helpful.  What gives anyone the right to poke fun and make snide remarks about other bloggers? What makes the cynical few the judge and jury of what anyone else should do with their life or blog?

.... and now I have that out I must stop being sad about it.  Sometimes the smallest things can upset me and make me feel unhappy. Why I let others steal my joy is beyond me. Logically I know they are not worth my emotional energy.

Sorry peeps, full on positivity will resume here at MFTH... again very soon!

So now it is your job to share your gratitude and joy and help to cheer me up.  What are your reasons to be cheerful this week?

Wishing you a fabulous week, Mich x
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