Wednesday 2 February 2011

The Difference between Boys & Girls

I had to smile today, we run out of toilet roll in both bathrooms (bet you wanted to know that!) and this is what greeted me in the downstairs toilet -

Miss M had finished the loo roll and like the good little girlie she is, she had got herself another roll.  Kitchen roll but still she made the effort!

Then upstairs that loo roll had been finished as well but the sight that greeted me there was this one -

This time it was JJ who had used up the last of the roll.  In typical boy fashion, he had not mentioned a word to anyone nor tried to do anything about it.

I have also noticed other subtle differences with having children of both sexes.  The girls want to help me and will try to make their beds, dust, hoover and anything else they see me doing.  This is all done with no prompting from me.  Then their big brother, nearly 4 years older than them will also help at times, but his helping is in the hope that he will earn some pocket money.

As for teeth brushing Miss E has been known to cry if I forget to get her to do her teeth and she is in bed.  JJ, well he would be happy to do his teeth just once a week - there are far more interesting things in his life like getting to bed to read the next chapter of the Faraway Tree.

Is it just genetic programming that little girls want to be like their mummy and will copy everything that I do?  I can't complain, in years to come I should have two beautiful helpers and things will take far less time. More time for girlie days out with lunch and shopping I feel.
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