Monday 28 February 2011

How to have a Great Holiday at Home...

For the second year running I have enjoyed a holiday at home for the February half-term.  Have you ever tried to holiday at home?  I would sincerely recommend it.

What constitutes a holiday to one person is another person's version of hell so I won't be offended if this is not your bag and to be honest I would not do it as my only holiday in the year, but holidaying at home holds several benefits -
  • Comfy, warm house with all the home comforts you could ask for
  • No packing or unpacking
  • No opportunity to leave the beloved teddy at home, the kids have every toy they could possibly want
  • Wi-fi connection and cable TV
  • No massive petrol costs
  • Hot shower and plenty of water
  • Safe outdoors space
See, sound tempting? Of course it may not suit you as you might not like your house but I love mine and I especially love my big comfy bed.  So in case you do fancy giving it a go, I thought I would share some of my tips on how to have a great holiday in your own house without it costing the world -
  • Get the house fully cleaned prior to the start of your holiday.  I visualise this as arriving to a clean holiday house that I will then just maintain a basic standard of cleanliness over the holiday week
  • Keep the computer turned off during the day, so you spend the waking hours with the kids, keep away from any smartphones too!
  • Keep cooking to a minimum. We have tended to either go out or buy M and S prepared foods, that also has the bonus of keeping the washing up down.
  • Save vouchers for times like this.  We have used Tesco deals for a Pizza Express meal and Necter points for a meal at Ask. Tesco deals are also excellent for days out such as London Zoo, Chessington etc
  • See what your local extended schools service are offering.  JJ has been to a Spy School day for £1 and been to play at a local park for a couple of hours with the play rangers for free!
  • Investigate your local theatre/ cinema to see what they are offering.  We went to see Animals United with the kids for £2 per ticket.
  • Check out the local shopping centres, they often have events for half term.  Today the kids went to a free craft session and were very proud of their makes!
  • Pick up a couple of Argos catalogues and a cheap scrapbook and cut and stick 'rooms' with the kids. 
  • My kids always think it is a real treat to get the face paints out.  Here are our efforts from one afternoon.
The girls wanted to be Puppy Dogs!
Army JJ
Oh my, look what they did to Mummy!

  • Buy a couple of cheap DVD's to watch during the week.  A two pack of Underdog and Beverly Hills Chiuowa were picked up for £5 at Sainsburys.  Then some microwave popcorn and the lights dimmed and the kids think it is a real treat!
  • Get the board games out and just enjoy some old-fashioned fun with the kids.
  • Other suggestions for cheap fun at home with the kids is to bake, play with play doh, make a collage and do some sticking
  • and lastly re-discover the great outdoors, even though it is wet, windy and there is mud in abundance! My Mum has been here with her dog so we have been out walking and playing in the local parks and the kids just love being outdoors.  The cleaning up afterwards is a pain but frankly it is worth it for their joy at the time.
The week is drawing to an end and by the time you read this I will have returned home and fully cleaned the house!  Then Sunday is to be a day of joy, just my three gorgeous kiddies and me before Daddy returns home about 9pm.  It will be fab to have him back - I'm looking forward to the cuddles.
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