Friday 26 November 2010

Perfect Therapy!

What an amazing couple of days I have just had staying in the most beautiful London hotel.  Work booked me in for a CPD course for Weds and Thurs this week and I was not too sure what to expect.  To be honest the course was not that useful to me but the people were nice and it is always good to network......  but the hotel, well that was a real treat! We stayed at the Athenaeum Hotel on Piccadilly, Mayfair.  It is a established 5* hotel but not one I had been to before and I have been to a fair few. What I loved was that it was decadent but also quirky and unique. Nothing appeared to be copied on every floor, all the art work was different and  absolutely stunning. The receptionist checked me in and tried to get my hubbie and girls to stay too.  I convinced her I really was quite happy to stay alone and off she took me for a tour of the hotel and then onto my bedroom to show me how all the lights, air con, ipod dock etc etc worked.

One of the best things she had to tell me was that my mini bar was completely free, as was the teddy in my room!  No I did not drink it dry, but yes a few bits made it into my bag to come home with me!

One of the parts of the tour that I loved was the children's Winter Wonderland play room. Just look at it...  Any child that stays at the hotel should use the room and enjoy their stay at the hotel and use the craft, DVD's, games...  Wow, not the kind of hotel I normally stay at - let me tell you!

The service was second to none, completely discreet but extremely professional. The food was of a fabulous standard, it easily met that of the Ivy and in fact there is not one thing that I could fault about my stay. Whilst the Athenaeum is out of my normal price range I would most definitely consider coming here again for a special occasion or if I could find a good deal.

It is amazing how 36 hours without the kids can really recharge your batteries.  Sitting in the deep bath relaxing, having my divine 3 course supper, chatting over pancakes, bacon and maple syrup for breakfast and being able to watch TV sprawled across the whole bed was the making of a very happy and relaxed Mich. The indulgence of those couple of days also had the effect that I was happy to come home and get back on track with my food and come back to being abstinent again. Excess makes me want to back away form the food thankfully.  So today I am very thankful for a wonderful meeting at my Eating Disorder fellowship last night, some super friends who really build me up and support me, a loving God and the ability to give up my will and to be abstinent from the act of eating compulsively.

Yes, I am singing this hotels praises and no they have not sponsored me to do so.  You know when you just love something and you have to tell the world!
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