Saturday 4 September 2010

Why Mummies Should Not Stay Up Too late!

Oh My Goodness! What a night and now what a day so far......

I had a busy day yesterday and then went to a friends last night to meet all the other school mums and the plan was wine, nibbles and karaoke. Now the last time we did this we got home at 3.45am and I knew that considering dh was going to work at 6am in the morning that was not the best idea to repeat the same.

So I decided not to drink and took my diet coke with me. One less thing to worry about - no hangover! Thank F***, I can not even imagine what I would have been like this morning if I had a hang over too.

Last night was great fun, we sang and chatted and put the world to rights. We have elected a new PTA chair, arranged the Xmas do and discussed doing the 3 peaks for charity! Well, lets be honest - I won't be doing the 3 peaks but there is the link for any of my friends who are fit enough.

I tried to be sensible and thought about leaving at 11pm and then again at 11.45pm and then about 12.15pm (you get the idea). I finally walked out the house about 1.15pm with 4 other women to drop off and got into bed around 2am. 4 hours later one babe is crawling into my bed and wanting to watch Peppa Pig, follow on another babe and then my big boy. 7am they all announce they are bored of Peppa and will go downstairs. JJ is a good boy and pretty sensible so this is OK. If anything starts to go wrong he comes and gets me. He will give them a croissant and some juice/ milk and normally they have a play or watch TV.

I am laying in bed thinking how subdued they all sound and really enjoying this lazing time, which I so need from my very late night. I have a hazy recollection that JJ came up about 8.15am and asked if he could play the computer, which means he is upstairs and not down with the girls. About 8.45am Miss E comes up and starts chatting to me. I am half asleep and do not really know what she is on about until I hear 'Miss M got dangerous things from the shed'. WTF! I run downstairs to find that Miss M has 2 bottles of fairy liquid (one blue and one yellow, 'pretty Mummy'), 2 large cartons of orange juice, 6 bottles of water, a container of comfort refresh and a spray window cleaner - all mostly empty and either emptied into various cups and bowls or all over the new floor in the play room (Please Lord let it all dry OK for my Dad to lay the floor tomorrow).

Heart palpation's - oh yes.

First thought - are they OK? They assure me they have drunk nothing, they were playing cafes and making pretty colours. In one way thank God I had that sleep or I would have been a horrible mad women clearing this up and shouting and in another I think that it would not have happened if I had not been a neglectful Mum and stayed in bed.

Lesson here - do not have such a late night when you are on parent duty in the morning. It is very irresponsible.

OK a sit on the step and serious chat number 1. The day has now started and surely that is the worst of it over. I start to methodically clear everything up and you know what a bugger fairy liquid is - mess and bubbles everywhere! About 10 mins later I go to see Miss M and she has tell-tale yellow cream on her leg. 'What have you been up to Miss M?'. 'Poorly leg mummy, I put some cream on, but it's my cream so it is OK!'. Up I go to find metanium (yes you know that gooey thick yellow nappy cream) over my bathroom, their toys, their bedroom - all in 10 minutes! arrgghhh. Is this not dejavu of a few minutes ago.

Right a sit on the steps and serious chat number 2 later and they are back playing again. I come in the front room to find them playing hairdressers, ahh lovely a nice make believe game. Hang on, no Miss M has the nail scissors and Miss E's hair has been cut. My beautiful babes hair!!!!

So that will be another sit on the step and serious chat number 3 then.....

Do you think things will improve for me today? Or is this the pattern for my Saturday......
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