Tuesday 7 September 2010

The Gallery: Back To School

Tara over at Sticky Fingers has given us the prompt 'Back to School' for this weeks Gallery. I really ummed and ahhed about this one and wondered what back to school means for me.

Noways it just made me think of ironing - numerous white polo shirts all hung up ready each Monday morning. I am such a Mum!

As a kid my memory of going back to school was the excitement of getting together a new pencil case full of exciting bits, choosing my trendy uniform, shoes and bag and looking forward to seeing my mates again.

When I asked JJ is he was looking forward to going back to school, I got a 'No, I hate it'. I don't actually think this is true though but he can struggle at school. That difficult combination of being bright academically but very immature socially is hard for him. He has 2 assessments coming up in 2 weeks, one with the communications disorders clinic and one with speech therapy - we will see what they have to say about my little lad. He will always be my shining star whatever they say. He has been such a little dream today, getting his uniform ready for the morning, helping me clear the table and load the dishwasher and we enjoyed a game of Cluedo before he went to bed tonight.

Anyway, back to the Gallery. The pictures I have chosen are here -

This is JJ on his first day at school back in 2007. He looks so small to me but at the time he was the tallest in the class (and still is!). Then below we have the other 2 beauties that accompanies us on that first drop off at school, Miss M and Miss E are two months old there.

Then here are the three of them a year later in September 2008.

The start of each school year, really is a reminder of how quick times flies and in January my little ladies will start nursery school too. Bah, three sets of uniform to buy!

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