Wednesday 22 September 2010

Sold Out!

So I have started to do the odd review and the odd sponsored post and this seems to be a real hot topic in the blogging world at the moment. I have read a ton of blog posts about this very subject in the last week - can I find any of them now I want to link to them? No, but still..

It seems that people are split into a few camps: those who think bloggers (especially stay at home parents) should be able to earn a small amount from their own blog; those who think it is outrageous and an absolute sell out, that those people doing it are selling their souls to the devil and losing all honesty and integrity; those who feel their blog is more established and have more of a right to the revenue to me made; and lastly of course those who do not blog or just do not care.

I have to say for the record that I fall into the first category. My personal opinion is that everyone has a right to do what makes them happy and what suits their family. If earning a small amount from their blog is right for them then it is OK with me. If I read and feel they have lost their honesty and have sold out to the company, advertising pet insurance when they do not have a pet for example then I just won't read anymore but it is their choose and I won't be chastising them for it!

Many of my readers will fall into the later category, whilst I have some fellow bloggers who stop by and support me many of you are people who I know in real life or in other on-line ventures. I doubt you will be getting involved in a debate as to whether I have lost my marbles and am now 'in bed' with Pizza Hut as I did a sponsored post for them. If you know me at all, you know that I am honest if nothing else, brutally honest many people would say. Very forthright and very open and always talking and writing from the heart.... hence the name of my blog!

So let me assure you dear readers that I will never be doing posts for products I do not engage with nor accepting payments or products for things I do not believe in. If something it sent to me for review and it is rubbish, that is what I will say here. Yes I will try and add a bit of tact but the truth will be told.

Shall I tell you what I plan to do with the money I make from blogging? This is the exciting bit!

All the money that I receive (yes you read that right, ALL) I will be using for good causes. The money I received from the Pizza Hut sponsored post has already been used to start a monthly direct debit to help fund some wonderful work being done with orphans in Malawi by a Christian charity.

As a Christian it is my duty and my honour to be able to share some of the wealth I have with those who have far less. Dh is going to India next February with a Christian Charity to see how he can help out there and many of you know we sponsor a child Carl-Henri in Hiati. Praise the Lord he was well in the earthquake. Who knows what I can do next if I continue to be able to make some money from this blog. So please keep reading and keep commenting as the more traffic and engagement (comments) I have the better the chances of me being offered lucrative promotions.

This is not a selfish plea in the least. I am on fire with excitement to think I might be able to help others via my blog.

So come on tell me, be honest back - what are your thoughts on this?

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