Tuesday 24 August 2010

Wake Up, It's a Beautiful Morning...

I got in the car this morning and was just about to put Heart radio on when the sound system came to life and what was I greeted with?

Yazz and The plastic population.

How is that for a group name? The good old 80's. How could today fail to be a good day when I had to listen to this cheese on the way to work. Following it came Boney M and Holi-Holiday and then came the Rednex with Cotton Eye Joe. My dh had been making CD's again and boy what a strange mix this one was but pleasant none the less. Every song holds a memory and all that.

I did decide at this point that enough is enough and I turned off, only for the radio to come on and I listened to 'Wake up it's a beautiful morning', I think by the Boo Radleys and instantly I felt transported back to 2001 when I used to hear this song most mornings in the car on the way to work.

Thinking about it, it feels really like a lifetime ago, it was pre-kids and I was earning very good money as a manager of a large high street recruitment agency, I worked about 45 miles from home and used to drive an hour there and and an hour back each day in my company car. Dh and I had a brand new apartment, all pristine and newly decorated. I could go out any night I felt like it and often did, with friends, with dh, with family.

I was about 1.5 stone lighter than I am now and would often spend hours shopping for me or my home. Saving money held no interest for me and economising was not a word I was familiar with. There were no ties and thinking back there are a few bits I would love to do again (in moderation).

However, think a little harder and I remember the difficulties dh and I had in 2001, when we called off our wedding, temporarily split up, when we would both work 12 hour days and be like ships passing in the night, when we would both yearn for more than the superficial things that money could buy.

The end of 2001 saw a big change to our lives, we really talked and we worked at our relationship and we made things better. We decided to get married in January 2002 and started attending Church and then when we got married in July 2002 it was so special. We moved into our new family house in September 2002, honeymooning in October 2002 and renovating the house kept us busy until we had our first babe, JJ in 2003.

Life changed even more dramatically then. I did not want to go back to my long hours, high pay, low family life job. So I gave it up and a ton of money with it and what dh and I gained in return was a family. Real ties that no money can buy. Here we are 7 years later with 3 little munchkins and a far richer life. So while it was nice remembering back this morning I do not want to change anything, I love my family and my life and in the future if we do pursue our dreams of fostering our family may even get bigger - who knows!

Isn't it nice sometimes to reflect on just how grateful we are for what we have?

I thought you might enjoy a bit of Yazz to make you smile!

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